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Are You the Right Kind of Person to Live With a Rabbit?

Baby rabbits vs. adults: which is a better adoption choice?

12 Things to Consider Before You Adopt 

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Why to Keep Your Rabbit Indoors

ATTENTION! We do NOT ship pets!

All adopters must be met in person! No long distance adoptions will be made unless the potential new owner travels to Southern Ca personally to pick the rabbit up. If you are planning to fly, make sure rabbits are allowed to fly in the cabin of the plane and don't have to fly in the cargo hold. (Most airlines will not allow rabbits in the cabin, so please check carefully before booking a flight!) If you are not in Southern Ca, check our links page for more rabbits needing homes to find a rabbit in your area. Click here to read our adoption policies  

The rabbits for adoption are not "free". The adoption fee is $65 per single rabbit or $95 per bonded pair. You are not "paying for the rabbits", you are helping to reimburse the rescue for the cost of their spay or neuter surgery. (When we rescue a rabbit from the shelter, we pay $50 for the rabbit who is spayed or neutered before release. If we rescue a rabbit from a private person, the cost of the alteration usually comes out of the rescue's pocket. This cost can be over $150.)

Rabbits we adopt from the kill shelter will cost you $65 per rabbit and $95 per bonded pair. In 2011, we paid $56 per rabbit, which included their alteration surgery. You will be paying $9 over "our" initial cost for rabbit. It costs us $17 if you adopt a bonded pair. A bonded pair costs us $112 to bail out of the shelter, but we charge you less to help make sure bonded pairs get homes. If you object to the extra $9 to help compensate for the premium food, bedding and toys your adoptee received while under our care, we can help direct you to the nearest animal control. There are more rabbits in the shelters than rescues can help so you would be doing a bunny a great service. These shelters do euthanize rabbits when space becomes limited.

Bunnies do so much better with a friend! Please consider bringing two into your house! If there are several qualified applicants wanting to adopt the same rabbit, preference will be given to those adopters who want pairs. Looking for a friend for your rabbit? Before we will introduce them, all rabbits (yours and ours) must have been spayed or neutered for at least 1 month! Unaltered rabbits can be territorial due to hormones so the spaying or neutering is very important. Territorial rabbits can have serious fights! Please visit Altering Your Rabbit's Future and FAQ: Should I Get a Second Rabbit for more information.

Please keep in mind, there is no "shelter" for you to visit to meet all the rabbits or pets. Rabbits and other pets are kept in foster homes, some an hour or more away from San Fernando Valley, CA. If you are interested in adopting, please fill out an application. After reviewing your application, and talking with you on the phone, you will be invited to meet the rabbits or small pets who will best fit in with your family. (It can be hard to coordinate foster homes to show up at the same time, we will do everything in our power to accommodate you so that you can meet everyone you are interested in adopting.)

Rescued from Death Row means the rabbit or small pet was rescued directly out of an animal control facility that euthanizes if pets are not adopted. By saving a rabbit with this notation, you help make it possible for the rescue to take in another rabbit directly from the Death Row shelters. Thankfully, in 2006, the shelters became much more willing to keep rabbits for longer. Rabbits are still in danger however, because there is only so much cage space, but while there is space, the shelter staff is not euthanizing them as quickly.

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The rabbits we currently have for adoption are....

No bunnies are currently in foster care. Please check your local shelters and our links.


Not the rabbit you were looking for? Try these links for rabbits in need of new homes!

Other rescues with adoptable rabbits, and the Rabbits for Adoption message board


Cavies aka Guinea Pigs currently for adoption...

Thinking about adopting a guinea pig? Check out Cavy Cages to view the new standards in piggie housing! These cages are highly recommended for all guinea pigs adopted from this rescue. They are easy to build, inexpensive and better for your guinea pig than a pet store purchased cage.

Guinea pigs need at least 7 square feet to stretch out and move. A pair or trio of pigs needs more space! Most pet store cages are not large enough to meet this criteria, so please if you are interested in adopting, talk to us before you purchase a new cage at a pet store so that we can help you build a sturdy appropriately sized cage for your new pets.

If you purchase a "glorified litter box style cage" and expect to use that cage for a guinea pig you adopt from us, you will be not be allowed to adopt from our rescue! We make no apologies for this. Those cages are not only too small, they are very expensive useless square footage! They are too small, they require more frequent cleaning, and your new pets will be hard to keep from becoming smelly unless you perform daily cleaning! (A big reason people want to rehome their guinea pigs is they are "too hard to care for" because of those small cages! We constantly hear that guinea pigs "stink" because those tiny cages stay soaking wet with urine and feces. Larger cages are much easier to keep clean.)

Our guinea pigs are ONLY adopted to indoor homes, no exceptions. All our foster guinea pigs eat Oxbow Hay pellets and Kleenmama's Hay! Every adopted guinea pig or pair leaves with aprox 2 pounds of pellets, a pig cozy <a little material pouch for them snuggle in either in your lap or in their cage>, a small bag of hay, and a Cavy Health Record Booklet. You also get unlimited support regarding your new pet so that you can always ask if you have a question. We don't leave our adopters feeling "lost". A volunteer is available to help you when you need help. Even if you didn't adopt your new pet from us, feel free to ask care questions. For more information on proper guinea pig care, please visit Guinea Lynx.

Other Guinea Pigs for adoption
To find just the right piggy for your household, the following rescues have guinea pigs for adoption now, The following are in Southern CA-The Bunny Bunch, Cats, Rabbits and More, Cavy Love, Wee Companions or Rescuers.com, The Bunny Bunch, Orange County Cavy Haven  

The following rescues are outside of Southern CA. The Critter CorralCavies Dot ComGuinea Pig Adoption Network, Bean Makers Cavy Rescue Petfinder.org, The Home for Unwanted and Abandoned Guinea Pigs Wild Rescue, Inc, Wheekers World (no longer rescuing, but lots of information!), Jack Pine Guinea Pig Rescue, Cavy Care Inc

For UK try The Rabbit & Rodent Enthusiasts Club and Uk Animal Rescuers (list of referrals)

What other animals do we have for adoption?

Other animals available at this time


Where did you get your rabbit from when you first got him or her?
I got my rabbit from a rescue.
I got my rabbit from a pet store.
I got my rabbit from a friend who could not keep their rabbit.
I got my rabbit from an actual breeder, selling purebreds.
I got my rabbit from a person who was selling or giving rabbits away.
I got my rabbit as a stray.
I got my rabbit from an animal shelter. (dog pound, humane society)
My kids moved out and we got to keep their rabbit.


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The Adoption Page is being sponsored in memory of Snickers. In his short life, he touched the lives of many who will remember him for their lifetimes. My humble thanks to his mom for helping to cover the expenses of bailing out 4 death row shelter rabbits and having them altered. Her generous gift helped save their lives so they will be able to go on to touch the lives of others just like Snickers touched hers and those of us all at alt.pets.rabbits.


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