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Health Issues and Vet Referrals

Spaying and Neutering

Help! How & where I find a GOOD rabbit vet in my area? Information on how to find a great vet. Don't forget to search individual HRS chapters for a vet in your area! Local Chapters, also Houston, TX referrals, Seattle, WA referrals, NY referrals. Try these links Rabbitvet.net & Rabbit Vets list by Pet Bunny for Vets all over, including Australia, Europe, Canada, Asia and the United States. UK Vet Referrals, is a place for our friends in the UK to check for vet care.
Southern Ca Vet Referrals A list of some vets in the Southland and Orange County including two low cost clinics that will spay and neuter your rabbit, safely, for less money.
Animal Birth Control Located in Lomita. Please call for current prices. Dogs and cats (even ferals) done also! Lomita 310-539-3112
Actors and Others for Animals
818-755-6045 or
They can help with money/vouchers towards spaying/neutering for those with low incomes in the Los Angeles area. They have a list of vets who accept the vouchers for rabbits. Animal Birth Control is one of these places. They can always use cash donations to help them keep up the good work.
Clinico Clinico spays and neuters rabbits for low cost. Call for details. 888-WE-SPAY-LA
Spaying and Neutering Here are the pros and cons of why it's a good thing to do. See the article below for more in depth pros written by a vet. Be sure to check out "how to find a good rabbit vet" before making the appointment!
Rabbit Surgery This is a wonderful UK website that discusses altering rabbits. It shows videos and pictures of surgeries. It is great information for medical professionals as well as the general public who wants to learn more.

Health Issues and Vet Referrals

Emergency Financial Help Two groups that can help low income families with life threatening emergency medical bills. IMOM & United Animal Nations
Common medical problems Frequently asked questions about medical concerns in rabbits.
Is my rabbit sick? Here are some things to check out to help you tell if it's time to call the vet. Remember, if in doubt, call the vet!
Gut Stasis Has your rabbit has stopped eating or pooping or both? This is life-threatening! Here are some suggestions to print out and take to the vet! Please get to your vet right away! Bun-space article on the same information.
Digestive strategy of the rabbit

Excellent article explaining how your rabbit's digestive system works, so you understand why you should be feeding a diet high in fiber and low in carbs. Hay is an important part of an herbivore's diet.

Information on common rabbit problems Information on different diseases, medications (including a drug dosage calculator for vets) and treatments...this is an excellent site for references on everything from fleas to kidney problems.
Rabbit Health in the 21st Century Rabbit Health in the 21st Century. This is a great book to own for tips on rabbit health care. It is full of care tips, ideas that can be taken to the vet with you, etc. I purchased a copy for my vet and keep one for myself.
Dental troubles Rabbits have teeth too, and these teeth can cause health problems! This explains why rabbits need more than just a bowl of pellets!
Medicating Okay, you've seen the vet, now how do you get your rabbit to take his medicine?
My rabbit has fleas! Wait, read this before using anything, including "all natural" powders!
Frontline? NEVER! Advantage? Maybe! Before you use Frontline Topspot on your rabbit to control the fleas, read this! It could save your rabbit's life! Advantage has been used safely, but it can cause problems! Be sure to read this before trusting any product!
Head Tilt: Causes and Treatment Head Tilt Many rabbits die from this disease every year. Please read about the symptoms so you understand what it is and how to treat it. These articles are wonderful insights into how to treat headtilt or "wryneck" as it is often called. A major cause of head tilt is thought to be Encephalitozoon Cuniculi Also read Updates on Testing and Treatment of Rabbits with E. Cuniculi and E. Cuniculi Warning
Heat Stroke How to help prevent heat stroke in your rabbit if you have a bunny who lives outdoors or don't have an air conditioner. (far better to have your rabbit inside a climate controlled house, but I realize that not everyone has air conditioning)
Herbs A list of rabbit safe herbs. Be warned, ALWAYS consult your vet before trying home remedies!!! 
Rabbit Information Service Message Board Information about RCD/VHD. This Australian based site has some graphic pictures, be warned. I put it up because of the information about Myxomatosis and other problems troubling Australia rabbits. 
Syringe Feeding Recipes to feed a rabbit who won't eat on it's own. Please, speak to your vet right away if your rabbit isn't eating, this is a life threatening problem and should not be treated without a vet's guidance.
Rabbit Bacteria There is a common bacteria that causes problems in rabbits. It is very important to have a culture run if your rabbit is sneezing or has abscesses.
Rabbit Calicivirus Disease It's been confirmed, or has it? On April 7, 2000, 27 rabbits have been diagnosed with this deadly disease. Please read the article to find out what it is and what you can do to help prevent your rabbits from catching this virus. Here is another article that claims RCD was NOT what these rabbits had...Which is true? Read both to find out the facts. Several articles can't even get the dates right or the number of rabbits. I am not sure what's right!

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