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All links shown are in the United States unless otherwise noted. We have marked Gracie's favorites! This means the company and the product have been used by our group, and we feel the company has outstanding customer service and great products.

Are you looking for a fun, entertaining and family friendly dvd? Visit GigglewiththeGoats.com to pick up a dvd showing baby goats playing, running and dancing their hearts out. They aren't bunnies, but these goats sure can binky! I guarantee that you won't be sorry. These folks are a small company that believes in good old fashioned customer service.


Small Pet Select Small Pet Select is located in WA. They sell premium timothy hay which should be the base of your rabbit, guinea pig, or chinchilla's diet. ***Gracie's Pick*** Be sure to enter code RabbitAdoption, we will earn 10%.
American Pet Diner They carry great quality hay, pellets (yes, they have a Timothy hay based pellet) and hay cubes as well as other various items.
Animal Den Gift items for animal and pet lovers. Specializing in products featuring specific animals, pets, breeds. Items include-mugs, t-shirts, sweatshirts, key chains, jewelry, collectibles and more!
Bass Rabbit Equipment They sell rabbit cages and other equipment  (feeders, watering systems, nest boxes, carrying cases) for your rabbits. (Much of the equipment is geared towards breeders who deal with many rabbits but it is a great place to find a cage or supplies at a decent price.)
Best Little Rabbit, Rodent & Ferret House Great products and 100% of all profits go towards rescue, what's a better deal than that? Books, toys, housing, videos, health care, people stuff...All high quality items with fast shipping! ***Gracie's Pick***
Bird Cages Now These are bird cages, not bunny cages, but the large parrot cages can be used to house chinchillas and ferrets by adding ramps and ledges.
Birds Just Wanna Have Fun Looking for those "bunny bagels" (called "birdie bagels" at this store) in bulk? Or parts to build your own rabbit toys? Hop on over to this site and check them out!
Binky Bunny Binky Bunny has bunny items as well as care information!
Bunny Bazaar Much more than just carrots says their title page! They are UK based and they sell care items such as toys, & hay for rabbits, plus great gifts for their humans! Bunny Bazaar incorporated BunnyMail!
Bunny Boutique-Zooh Corner A selection of healthy toys/hay including an item called the Original Bunny Bag! The profits support rabbits who have been rescued. Toys for Buns is a program that helps supply shelter rabbits with toys. While you are treating your own rabbits, maybe you could donate a toy for a disadvantaged bunny. ***Gracie's Pick***
The Bunny Bunch Bunny Boutique Visit the website or call toll free (866) 882-8669. Profits help to rescue shelter rabbits. Lots of quality items for rabbits, guinea pigs and chins. Great gifts for humans too, including jewelry. New items added monthly. Email or call for a free color brochure. Orders ship UPS, local delivery, plus will call available.  Thanks a Bunny Bunch!
Bunny Bytes Food, toys, gifts and lots more high quality items for your "urban rabbit". This site is a must see, take your credit card, you are going to find something you want. They donate a portion of all sales to rabbit rescue! ***Gracie's Pick***
Bunnies By the Bay Sweet bunny inspired gifts for babies and toddlers. Blankies, stuffies, and lovely clothes for boys and girls.
Bunny Heaven Bunny Heaven-bunny shirts, jewelry, totebags and other gifts for ourselves and our bunny loving human friends. 10% of profits donated to rabbit rescue! ***Gracie's Pick***
The Bunny Store and More Tons of rabbit gifts for people! From stuffed rabbits, to rabbits on planters, jewelry, rabbit shaped wire baskets, and much more! Unique gifts for companion animal lovers.
Busy Bunny Busy Bunny Baskets are full of safe treats for your rabbits! They also carry great gift ideas for people! My fosters give them their seal of approval! This is the best site for bunny treats. *Hint* Hamsters, mice, rats and guinea pigs love their treats also! ***Gracie's Pick***
Cats, Rabbits and More Products for cats, rabbits, guinea pigs and other small animals including great rabbit chew tunnels and Busy Bunny Baskets! They also have wonderful stationary with beautiful illustrations of buns, guinea pigs and cats! They are expanding as we speak so keep checking back! 10% of all retail sales is donated to non-profit cat & rabbit rescue organizations. ***Gracie's Pick***
Clicker Bunny Getting Started, Clicking with Your Rabbit--Clicker train your rabbit using this great instructional book.  Clicker training is a great way for people to bond with their bunnies and improve their bunny’s quality of life. It is also can be used to help improve rabbit behavior and to help shy bunnies. ***Gracie's Pick***
The Collector's Addition Wonderful items for people gifts. Rabbits, and many other types of animals as well from a variety of manufacturers! Crystal, china, glass, etc... The website is easy to navigate and has wonderful prices. The customer service is superb. I have several of their items on my "wish list".
eBay Whatever you are looking for, you can probably find it on eBay! Just please be aware that you must do your own home work to be sure that a) an item is suitable for your pet as many items are not suitable for the pets they are listed for, and b) be sure that the cost of shipping does not raise the over all price sky high.
Furry Angel Pet Memorial Candles Wonderful memorial candles that can be given to a friend or relative who has lost a special pet. Or a good gift to give to yourself to help the grieving process.
Helping Udder Tugs and Toys We realize that this link is for dog toys, not rabbit toys, but it's such a fun site, and it's helping pets, so we have listed it here. Give your dog something fun to do, and help rescues at the same time. Remember, a dog who is well trained and has something to do is less likely to pay attention to your rabbits. Your rabbits will thank you for keeping your dogs entertained.
HRS Premiums Support House Rabbit Society chapters and show your support by buying shirts, mugs, rugs, bumper stickers and more!
KleenMama's Hayloft Grass Hays & Nutritious Pellets that can't be beat. Hay is carefully chosen by KleenMama herself to ensure that your hay munching crew will get only the very best.

The hay comes from the Valleys of the Pacific Northwest, Located in WA ***Gracie's Pick***

Kritters in the Mailbox All types of animal related gifts for humans. To find the rabbit related gifts quickly, use their pull down search menu. 
Kong Pet Toys Are you looking for the ultimate grooming tool for your shedding rabbit? Try a cat Zoom Groom! These are fabulous, and we use them at the foster homes to help keep the rabbits looking great! Because 99% of our fosters love being brushed with them, they have proven effective for helping to socialize hand shy rabbits! ***Gracie's Pick***
KW Cages Good quality inexpensive indoor cages for rabbits, birds, ferrets, guinea pigs. Easy to put together and fast shipping means your critter will have a new home FAST.
Leith Petwerks Great bunny condos for those who don't want "just a cage" for their litter trained rabbits. They are also selling many products to pamper your rabbit, including food, toys, treats and special litter boxes. The condos are the ultimate in bunny housing and are on my wish list for my fosters! (if you want to help with that goal, they have a "bunny money" gift certificate you can purchase online)
Lone Star Chinchilla


Lone Star Chinchilla 

All of our chinchilla food and treats are purchased here! Great service and great people!

Martin's Cages A good selection of good quality cages at good prices for rabbits and other pets as well! These cages are often recommended for rats, chinchillas, hamsters and ferrets.
Morton Jones They sell a great selection of cages and supplies for rabbits!
Nail Trimming and Handling Video If you have trouble cutting your rabbit's nails, now you can get some help. This 38-minute video will show you a technique that's gentle and non-traumatic for both you and your bunny. This technique is simple and straightforward, and does not involve trancing or any special restraining equipment (such as bags, bunny burritos, etc.).
Oxbow Hay Looking for the Oxbow Hay everyone is talking about? You can buy quality hay, pellets and more right from the source! Spoiled rabbits everywhere are eating it. They also carry Critical Care for rabbits who are having problems eating due to illness as well as foods for many other small animals. This place is excellent!
Palace Pets Synthetic sheepskin for use with special bunnies. Every order placed earns HRS a donation! Follow the directions to help the House Rabbit Society earn a percentage of your purchase.
Pet-Source.com   Shop www.Pet-Source.com
Rabbit Shop 100% of the profits goes towards helping rescued rabbits at Rabbit Rescue in Downey, Ca, a non-profit rabbit rescue! Clothes, household items like rugs, handbags and more!! A great place for gifts!
Rabbit Welfare Association Shopping Items that help support one of the UK's rabbit associations! Pens, shirts, bookmarks, wrapping paper, notecards and more. All profits from the sale of products in the Health & Grooming section are donated to The Humane Research Trust - a medical research fund-raising body that only funds experiments that DO NOT involve animals in any way.
Running Rabbit The Running Rabbit. Selling rabbit inspired art for the discriminating human!
West Wales Willows Located in the UK. Wow! Great looking willow toys, including a cool willow teepee that any rabbit is sure to adore! They also sell timothy hay.
Wholesale Pet USA
No website available. Please contact them via phone.
975 Ford Street
Colorado Springs, CO 80915
(800) 473-8872
Willa's Ark Many items for rabbits, including toys and needed supplies.
Windy City Parrot More bird toys that work great for rabbits at wonderful prices! Excellent customer service! Bunny Bagels, jingle balls, many, many toy ideas at excellent prices! ***Gracie's Pick***
Winking Cavy Store They are based in the UK, but they ship to other places as well, including the United States! Gifts for Cavy (Guinea pig) lovers, chinchilla lovers, hamster lovers, and rabbit lovers!
Van Briggle Pottery Has some rabbits done in pottery form. Reasonable prices.
Vanecek Bunny Supplies Cages and more equipment for your rabbits, stained glass stepping stones, and jewelry, for you! Some equipment is geared towards breeders or those with many rabbits kept outdoors and in rabbit barns. Good prices on cages and other products.

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