Success stories of some of the fosters..

Bun-Bun aka Gandalf-10/17/2010 has been rehomed with a new bonded buddy in Sept 2010! Gandalf had been adopted, then returned after his family lost their house, so we were happy to be able to place him in a new home with a previous adopter. Updated 1/4/2014-Bun-Bun has passed away. This little guy was a joy to foster and it is with sadness that this is posted.

Alfons-5/20/07 Alfons, aka The Fonz, a cute dwarf rabbit has known a lot of people in his short 18 months. He was purchased from a pet store in 2006, then his owners had to move to a new home in another country. Alfons could not go with them. He was taken to the shelter, then was brought into our rescue. In April, it was found that his teeth were seriously malocludded so we paid for the surgery to have his front teeth removed. In May, he was adopted to his new home where he is adapting to his new people.

Petrie- 2/24/07 Petrie, the blue eyed dwarf rabbit, was adopted as a companion to Roo who had lost her bonded friend last year. Petrie and Roo liked each other on sight. Once at home, they started grooming each other and cuddling.

Jasper-1/15/07 Jasper the hamster, <formerly Little Guy> was adopted by the same person who adopted Good & Plenty back in October.

Trouble, Nod, Mischief- 12/29/06 Trouble, Nod & Mischief, three bunny brothers, were all adopted to the same home after being neutered. Mischief was starting to be a bit bratty to his brothers, but he has been behaving now that the hormones are gone. They are all three doing great and have free range of a small bedroom that was customized just for the comfort of rabbits.

Good & Plenty-10/14/06 Tater and Tiny Tot, renamed Good & Plenty, the boy dwarf hamsters from Orange County Animal shelter were adopted by a very nice hamster savvy couple! They have done some minor squabbling but they have settled down and seem to be getting along. (Even though dwarf hamsters are social, they can sometimes fight.)

Trio of dwarf hamsters-9/30/06 Momma and two baby girls were adopted into a new home today. The babies and momma were turned into the Orange County Animal Shelter. 

Mai Ling-7/30/06 Mai Ling was renamed Sugar and was paired up with a rabbit named Bugsy. She was rescued in January of 2006 before being taken into the animal shelter. She was a lucky rabbit because being himilayn marked means she was going to be harder to place. She was adopted into one home but returned because the new adopters were not sure if their cat was going to be okay around her. Thankfully, this kissy bun has found her forever home with Bugsy. Bugsy, a neutered male was sad after his partner passed away. Sugar was just the ticket to get him eating and playing again.

Dusty-6/11/06 Dusty was placed as a friend for a male guinea pig named Francis. He is settling into his new home. Updates will be posted soon.

Oliver, Phoebe, Pandora-5/27/06 These three blue lop mixes were altered and then rematched as a trio. They had originally come to the rescue after being abandoned in front of a flower shop. They are getting along in their new home.

Blossom-5/26/06 Blossom, the guinea pig is doing well after her ordeal. She had been dumped at a petting farm and was underweight for her size. She quickly began to fill out after being fed pellets from Kleenmama's Hayloft and orchard grass. She was adopted to her new home where there are plans in the works to match her with a new female friend.

Lacey-5/26/06 Lacey was adopted into her new home where she is doing well. Lacey was the rabbit found at the petting farm who gave birth to 5 babies right after arriving.

Beanie and Cecil-4/20/06 These two guinea pigs were adopted into a new home with a woman who is building them a c/c cage as we require. She recently had to euthanize her dog so she was lonesome and looking for a companion. While visiting her friend who is one of our fosters, she fell in love with the two boys.

Compi-3/18/06 Compi, a young black rabbit was rescued from West Valley Animal Shelter. He was adopted by his foster family, and will be matched up with another rabbit after he is neutered.

Buddy-3/12/06 Buddy, a petite dwarf rabbit rescued from the Lancaster Animal Shelter was adopted and paired with a rabbit named Lady.

Benny-2/28/06 Benny has been matched up with Bunny Blue. It was not love at first site, but they are enjoying some snuggle time with no fighting. He's lucky to have met his new owners. We held Benny for his new owners while they got everything at home ready for him.

Dude (Doodle)-11/27/05 Dude has found his new home. He is living in the lap of luxury. He has a girlfriend, but she's a "side by side" as he isn't quite sure he likes her enough to share a space with her. He's acting fiesty and tried to bite her a time or two when there isn't wire between them, but they both enough snuggling through the barrier. He likes his owners and enjoys his lap time.

Hansel & Gretel- 10/29/005 Hansel and Gretel, two beautiful mini lop rabbits have gone to their new home. They would have been in the rescue for 4 years on 12/16/05! They are with a very rabbit savvy couple who were willing to accept them as they are. With luck, they might be matched up with two other bonded pairs as time goes on.

Tahiti-10/18/05 Tahiti, the young fuzzy Holland Lop born to Phoebe, has gone to her new home. Her new owner is delighted with her personality.

Marble-10/10/05 Marble, the young holland mix born to Phoebe found a new home with a family. They are rabbit savvy and ready to work with the trials that come with raising a rabbit through puberty.

Betsy Ross-8/7/05 Betsy Ross, a Netherland dwarf rabbit, has gone to become a friend to Winston. She is on a diet to lose the extra pounds she was gaining. She seems to be settling in very nicely!

Tess formerly known as Squeaks-7/12/05 Tess, a black baby guinea pig from Lulu, has found a new home with a person who felt her little mohawk was endearing. She is becoming friends with other guinea pigs in her new house. 

Flopsy-5/18/05 Flopsy, the blue lop has found a new home with a rabbit named Topanga. Topanga's bonded friend had passed away and she was grieving. Her owner brought her to meet Flopsy. It wasn't love at first sight, but tolerance. Two weeks later, they were cuddling. Update 3/17/06 They are really enjoying each other's company! They are now totally bonded.

Darla-5/01/05 Darla, one of Lulu's babies was adopted into a new home as a friend for another female guinea pig about her age! She is such a darling, hence her name!

Jet and Spot- 4/4/05 This is a pair of guinea pig boys from Lulu's litter. They have been adopted as a pair into their new home. One is solid black, one is black with a few red splotches. .

Barry- 4/3/05 Barry the guinea pig is one of Sandy's boys. He is solid black. He has found a new home with a couple who will be looking for another young male in the future to bond him with.

Sip and Pop- 4/3/05 Sip and Pop are two of Sandy's baby guinea pig boys. One is black, one is chocolate. These two guinea pigs were adopted as a pair. They are quickly adjusting to their new house and their new humans.

Paul- 4/1/05 Paul, a mini lop, was adopted to a new household. He went to be the companion of two recently spayed females. The newly matched trio is adjusting to each other's company. His new human family is happy with him. They like the fact that he isn't a "tiny" rabbit.

Olivia-3/20/05 Olivia, one of Lulu's guinea pig babies, has found her new home. She is living with a new friend named Winnie who is around 8 months old. Olivia is busy singing her lungs out about how happy she is to be in her new home.

Tribble-3/21/05 Tribble is in his new home. He was one of Moppet's guinea pig babies. He was matched up with an older male and they have been getting along nicely so far.

Violet- 3/6/05 Violet is one of Moppet's guinea pig girls, the little chocolate female. She has a new friend named Coco and a brand new family.

Mocha- 2/15/05 Mocha, the rabbit who came in with Flopsy has found a new home. Because he was only "rooming" with Flopsy, not tightly bonded, we made the decision to split them up if a home came along for one of them.

Cuddles- 2/10/05 Cuddles, a guinea pig, is one of Moppet's girls, the only black pig out of the litter. She has a new family who is enjoying her company. Cuddles has been happy sitting on different laps while her human family watchs tv.

Bucky- 2/5/05 This young male guinea pig was adopted to his new family where he is having a great time with his new owners. He loves to sit on their laps. He was one of Moppet's babies. We get regular updates on how Bucky is doing, and he is looking for a young male friend. Update 2009 Bucky passed away.

P-nut- 2/2/05 P-nut, the syrian hamster has found a new home. He has a nice spacious cage and will live out his life in luxury. His life has changed from the hamster who showed up in a filthy cage with moldy food & bedding.

Petey- 12/05/04 Petey, our wee girl with the boy's name, one of Sakura's babies from North Los Angeles animal shelter, has found her new home. She has been looked at since she was born, and several people have coveted her for her exotic looks. She went with someone who has watched her grow up. She'll be spayed and bonded with a friend in the coming months. She was named Petey from the moment her picture was seen on the Internet, and despite being a girl, her name has stuck! Update-Petey passed away.

Sadie-12/5/04  Sadie now known as Lady has been being carefully bonded with Mikey. (Yes, our Mikey!) So far, they are seeming to get along with a few bumps. It's not love at first sight, but it's coming along. Update-Sadly Sadie and Mikey have both passed away

Bruce-12/5/04 Bruce, the single male Guinea pig from East Valley animal shelter has found his new forever home as a friend for a guinea pig named Curi!

Bailey & Peekoo-11/22/04 Two of Sakura's babies were adopted together! They will go to be neutered in December to keep hormones at bay.

Beyonce-11/20/04 Beyonce, one of Sakura's babies has found a new home. She will be spayed in January.

Pumpkin-11/14/04 Pumpkin the guinea pig was adopted to a new home where she is having fun showing off her bouncy happy dance!

Jackie O- 10/30/04 Jackie O was adopted as a friend for a neutered male rabbit who as just about her size. He really liked her and was enthusiastic about showing it. She is trying to adjust to her new home, and while she is a little nervous, she is doing okay.

Toby, Half-Pint, Turbo and Dixie 10/16/04 This foursome was adopted by a bunny loving person and was bonded with her own rabbit, Thumper. All 5 are getting along wonderfully and they have plenty of room to be a "colony" so everyone is happy. Because the foursome was already used to lots of company, adding one more didn't really seem to "mess up" anything. Matter of fact, Turbo decided he really likes Thumper and spends extensive time grooming her ears.

Penny 9/4/04 Penny the Syrian hamster who was rescued from the animal shelter has found a new home. She is living in a new home where she is being treated like a princess.

Trio of guinea pigs 9/4/04 This trio of boys has been sent to their new home. They are living it up in a huge enclosure, set up especially for them! These guinea pigs were placed via referral with our contract.

Twinkle 9/4/04 Twinkle has been matched up with a new girlfriend. It was love at first sight for them! They have been getting along wonderfully!

Gandalf-7/17/04 Gandalf, the little lost Dutch rabbit who was found wandering the local petting farm has gone to his new home! He is happily establishing himself as the "King" of his castle. Update 2010 was returned to rescue after his family lost their home. Gandalf was placed in a new home as a buddy of another rabbit in Sept 2010!

Marvin and Diva 7/9/04 Marvin and Diva were both young rescues who were unable to be kept by their new owners. Marvin is a rex mix and Diva is a holland lop. They have found a new home together <kept separate until altered> and will be bonded after altering.

Summer-7/9/04 Summer the Syrian hamster is at her new home in Bakersfield. She is living a charmed life, being petted and cuddled which she adores. She is one lucky little hamster. She was on her way into the animal shelter when a caring dog rescuer took her and her family in. She found her way to our rescue, where she was adopted into her new home.

Betty and Boop-7/10/04 Betty and Boop, renamed Roo and Bubba, two Netherland Dwarf rabbits who were originally rescued from West Valley Shelter, went to their new home. They are settling in and adjusting to their new home. Update-Sadly, Bubba passed away on August 24, 2006 from gastric stasis.

Tessa-6/22/04 Tessa, the hamster from East Valley Shelter who was missing a rear foot has found a forever home with her foster mom. Sometimes it's hard for foster homes to let them go, especially when they are likely to become long term foster pets like Tessa. (Tessa is a dwarf with diabetic tendencies!)

George 6/10/04 George the angora has found his new home. George was just going to be fostered, but he ended up stealing his foster mom's heart so he has a forever home. Update 7/302010 George has crossed the bridge. He was a sad boy when he entered rescue, his long angora fur matted to the skin, encrusted with fleas. He had a chance at 6 years of contented life after his rescue.

Samantha & Cassandra-5/22/04 Talk about love at first sight, this was a match made in heaven. The girls were in love with their new friend and while he was not quite as enthusiastic as they were, he liked them. There were lots of binkies and happy sighs, but no fighting. Their new owners weren't expecting to take home two new rabbits, but couldn't resist after seeing how well they interacted.

Buttercup-5/16/04 Buttercup was a privately owned rabbit who met up with Smokey the rabbit for a match-making. She was an "honorary aunt" to Turbo, Toby and Half Pint who were fostered by Dixie. When we heard that Smokey was seeking a new lady friend, we suggested her owner bring her to meet him. It's a good thing we did, he fell in love, and so did she! Her new owners are in the process of spoiling her rotten. Update 3/30/06 Smokey passed away and Buttercup was brought back to the rescue. Despite being privately owned, we made a promise to her previous owner that if the adoption did not work out, she would be taken back into our foster system.

Bonnie and Pippi-4/12/03 The last two of Dixie's original litter were adopted by the people who adopted Thor and Mary. These two rabbits will be spayed as soon as they are old enough. Thor has already been introduced and was very intrigued with his new lady friends.  (Note, adoptions are NEVER done around Easter except to previous adopters, these ladies were not adopted as Easter presents!)

Casey-4/05/04 One of Dixie's original litter was adopted. As soon as this little rabbit is old enough, he will be neutered, and paired up with the couple's 6 month old rabbit.

Elmo-4/04/04 Elmo was an English Lop who was placed before he had even officially entered the rescue. English Lops do not show up often in rescue meaning there is a waiting list for people seeking them. We brought him into a foster home for quarantine, treated him for ear mites, then sent him to his new home.

Liza and Silly-4/02/04 Two of Dixie's original litter was adopted together. These two rabbits will be spayed as soon as they are old enough.

Stormy-4/02/04 One of Dixie's original litter was adopted to be a friend for another young rabbit. He will be neutered as soon as he is old enough.

Sienna-3/22/04 Sienna  the hamster came from West Valley Animal Shelter. She arrived missing two bottom teeth, which meant her top teeth needed to be trimmed every 3-4 weeks. Due to this and the fact that I was falling in love with her, I decided to keep her as a permanent guest. I can make sure her teeth are trimmed regularly and I can give her the socialization she needs.

Keera-3/22/04 Keera the hamster was adopted by her foster family after they fell in love with her! Sometimes, it's just too hard to let the special ones go. Keera has come a long way from that tiny cage at West Valley Animal Shelter.

Kibbles and Squibbles- 2/04 These two male dwarf hamsters were adopted by their foster family. They are happily living in Bakersfield and were part of the rescued hamsters from Bakersfield.

Spirit, Nibbles, Rudy, Teddy 2/1/04 These four rats ladies were adopted as a group and given a new home! A few were also given new names and those will be updated. So far, these shy girls are adjusting to their new house nicely.

Cavy referral-1/26/04 She was a long haired female guinea pig who needed a new home. Her owners called my rescue, just a day after a potential adopter called my rescue looking for a guinea pig just like her. I introduced the two of them, and the little girl found a new forever home.

Sandy, Tess, Foxy & Roxy 1/26/04 These 4 dwarf hamster girls were adopted to the same household and will be living as a foursome. They were part of a rescued group of hamsters who came down from Bakersfield. Update 6/04 Foxy and Roxy decided they did not want to be part of a foursome so they came back into rescue.

Fred-1/31/04 Fred, the Syrian hamster was adopted by his foster mom. Fred has health problems, and this foster mom is very hamster savvy so this is a good place for him to be.

Cuddles renamed Honey-1/13/04 This young lop eared rabbit was only 3 months old when her family decided they could no longer keep her. She was only in foster care for 3 days before being placed at her new house!

Cinder and Sooty-1/1/04 These two chinchillas were previously named Madame and Orion. They found a new home with a person who has owned chinchillas in the past. They are adjusting quickly to their new home! Update 10/2008 Cinder passed away, Sooty will be matched with a new friend.

Mikey-12/08/03 It is with a sigh of relief and sadness that I post this. After almost 3 years in foster care, Mikey found his forever home! He is going to be matched with a spayed friend soon. The sadness is because Mikey was fostered long term at my own house, I greatly miss him.

Chrysler and Ferrari-12/08/03 Two dwarf hamsters finally found their forever home!! They are happy boys, who are friendly and glad to be going to their new place to live.

3 female Dwarf hamsters-8/18/03 3 of the baby dwarf hamsters went to their new home today as a trio. They were adopted by someone who adopted a previous hamster named Mr. Cutie.

Taurus-7/12/03 Taurus the rat who was rescued on his last day at the shelter has found a new home. He will be living the life of Riley as a single boy, with a new mom who will take excellent care of him.

Irish-6/03 This little black and white syrian hamster found a new home! She is a lucky girl!

Otis-5/19/03 Otis, a holland lop, has been adopted. He is happy in his new home with his bonded girl friend.

Bailey-5/8/03 Bailey, the ball loving rabbit, has been adopted into a new home. He has a friend who is waiting in the wings to be bonded with him.

Bea-5/7/03 Bea, the chinchilla, was adopted by a person who first fostered her to be sure that she was ready to adopt a chinchilla. Bea is bonding nicely with her new person and is having a great time.

Timone-3/15/03 Timone, the guinea pig, was adopted by his foster family and moved to Alaska with them. No worries, they know the guinea pigs are indoor pets so he won't be spending any time outside with the moose or the glaciers!

Maestro-3/15/03 Maestro, the hamster, was adopted by the same foster family who adopted Timone and will be going to Alaska. (Don't worry, both will be indoor only pets, not forced to live outside where it is cold!)

Samson-3/8/03 Samson, the rabbit, went to his new home today. So far, so good! He is using his litter box and behaving like a gentleman. His new bunny slaves love him! Update 2/7/04 Samson is again back in foster care after his new owners decided they were unable to keep him. He is having a problem with shedding. He was seen by the vet & determined he is healthy and mite free, his food has been changed and he is ready to be put back up for adoption.

Mary-2/1/03 Mary, the rabbit, has successfully bonded with Thor! She is now content and glad to be in her new home. Bonding was slow but steady and it finally happened.

Angel-1/25/03 Angel, the rabbit, is getting along with her new best friend Charlie. Angel is overweight and rather laid back about life. She is at least twice the size of Charlie who is a dwarf mix, but he doesn't seem to mind. Update 1/15/05 Angel has passed over bridge quite suddenly. She was doing fine, and when her owner went back to check on her 1/2 hour later, she found Angel dying. Angel was gone within 5 minutes of being found. Too fast to go to the vet.

Calli-1/25/03 Calli went to her new home with a bunny named Precious. They are getting along wonderfully, without many problems at all. They have a cardboard castle that they can share as well as a brand new bunny condo.

Storm-1/5/03 Storm the chin came from the West Los Angeles animal shelter where he was left as "a stray". From there, he entered the rescue, was quarantined, and then placed with a couple who are showering him with as much love as he desires.

Valentine-12/27/02 Valentine, the Jersey Wooly mix went to her new home. She already has a batch of new toys waiting for her!

Stuart-12/25/02 Stuart, the hamster has gone to his new home where he has a family who will love him and take care of him! He was planned for before Christmas and was carefully picked up after the "Christmas morning" rush. He will be resting in a quiet room for the rest of the holiday.

Mr. Cutie-11/10/02 He is a brother to the West Valley shelter hamsters and he has gone to a new home! Some people do not think that owners plan for hamsters, but they are wrong. Hamsters leave here to find cages full of toys, treats and owners who are prepared to own hamsters for their entire lifetimes.

Abbott and Bach-11/7/02 Bach and Abbott, two brother rats, went to their new home today! They will be treated with all the dignity these two gentle souls deserve.

Chia-10/13/02 Chia, the hamster, was adopted to her new home after her new owner waited several weeks for her to be weaned.

Gayle-10/8/02 Gayle, the chinchilla, has been placed with another rescuer who is better able to handle the rehabilitation she needs. She will be placed for adoption by this rescuer when she is ready to make the leap into a new home.

Walter-9/28/02 Walter AKA Fred was the last rattie from a litter of 15. He went to his forever home with a woman who is willing to work with him so he can blossom into a wonderful boy. Because he was not as outgoing as the other rats, he was left behind while all his brothers found homes.

Rex-9/28/02 Rex the rabbit has gone to his new home. He has a brand new name, Dino, and is happy in his new home!

Calamity Jane-8/30/02 Calamity was matched up with a neutered male rabbit and placed in a new home. So far, she seems as if she is content. Her new owners do not mind that she is shy, they respect her need for space. Update 10/6/02 CJ is starting to become more social in her new home. She is following Bun-Bun and letting her new momma pet her while she eats her treats. Update 10/26/05 CJ and Bunbun are best of friends. They are really in love with each other. It's a match made in heaven.

Spot-8/18/02 Yes, it's a boy's name but it's a little girl rat who has it! She is in a new home with a new best friend.

Zach-8/16/02 Zach, the rabbit, was adopted by a friend of someone who had adopted from us before. The sweeter bunnies like Zach never stay long past being neutered and he didn't. 

Murphy-8/18/02 Murphy was adopted by someone who fell in love with him. He is now being spoiled rotten and will be cared for. It's a shame that his first owners didn't do the proper research before purchasing a chinchilla.

Marshall-8/18/02 Marshall went to his new home after his new owners drove 4 hours round trip to pick him up. They were sure he was the perfect hamster for them!

Faith and Miracle-7/30/02 These rat sisters were adopted by someone who also does rescue. They are being spoiled rotten!

Spirit and Joy-7/29/02 These two rat sisters were lucky to get such a good home. They will be well cared by their new owners. Update 7/27/04 Sadly, both girls have passed away.

Kimber and Lil Bit-7/28/02 These two guinea pig friends found a home with new owners who took the time to build them a huge cage made of cubes and coroplast. No tiny pet store cage for them!

Thor- 7/14/02 Thor the rabbit went to his new home today. He is with a family who is close to me, and will take great care of him. I know he went to a great home!

Leslie-7/13/02 One of the rat babies, she went to her new home where she has a new best friend, a little siamese rat named Misu.

Two sister rats-7/11/02 Two sisters were adopted to become spoiled pets of a new rat owner. I know they will be very well cared for!

Wally-7/4/02 One rat boy went to his new home. As soon as he is past quarantine, he will be matched up with two friendly males. (Update, he passed quarantine and the match went fine, he now has two new brothers)

Karma-6/30/02 Karma was adopted as a friend for a rabbit named Ash. Ash lost his buddy and was grieving. Karma was just what Ash needed. They are lying side by side now after a few minor scuffles. 

Laverne & Shirley-6/29/02 These two baby girls went with a new owner who is a dedicated rat lover. They will be well taken care of!

Rudy and Rocket-6/26/02 Two rat babies from Pride and Victory went to their new home. They are totally happy and their new owner has called and emailed several times to tell me she is delighted with them.

Trevor-6/10/02 Trevor went to his new home where he is enjoying the good life. His new favorite thing to do is lounge near the table while his new parents eat supper. Update 10/29/04-Trevor is just as happy as can be, his mom called me to check in and let me know. Update 2010 Trevor has passed away.

Liam-5/7/02 Liam went to a new home with dedicated animal lovers. He sounds very happy in his new home with his new rabbit slaves! Update 8/02 Talk about spoiled, this boy knows how to train his family to attend to his every need. He loves to sit on the couch and watch cartoon videos with the young daughter.

Mable-5/5/02 A Syrian hamster was adopted to her new home. She is in good hands with someone who was missing a hamster in her life. 

Marigold & Crusader-4/28/02 Two Syrian hamsters went to the same family. They will be living in separate cages, of course!

Hope and Tikka-4/21/02 Hope and Tikka, rats, were adopted by a woman who lives in Monterey, CA. They are happy in their new home and content to have made the move.

Gambler-4/16/02 Gambler was adopted by a family which is the best place for him as he loves children. So far, he has delighted the family with the antics and charmed them with his polite manners. 

Dwarf Hamsters-2/02-4/02 12 dwarf hamsters found homes with 4 different people! As these hamsters were unnamed, I am listing them in one listing

Julio aka Lucas-2/2/02 Lucas was renamed Julio by his new owners and matched up with Rosie. Rosie is a beautiful Dutch rabbit who made Lucas' heart pitter-pat. So far, the introductions are going great.

Dawn 1/29/02 Dawn the bunny is happy and content in her new home. Her new owner waited and waited for Dawn's leg problems to resolve so that she was adoptable. Her owner sent me pictures around Easter time. Dawn delighted her new owner's family as well when they came to visit over Easter. (Dawn came from the animal shelter with an injured leg.)

Jack & Dundun-1/27/02 These two rats found a new home with a great new mom! They are doing wonderful in their new home so far!

Misty 1/5/02 Misty the Dumbo rat, was adopted by a very nice couple who drove up to take her home. She will eventually become a friend to their neutered male if the two of them decide to get along. Even if she doesn't get along with Oscar, she will be well loved. UPDATE-Misty and Oscar have become great friends so now they both have another rat friend to snuggle with! UPDATE-Sadly, Misty passed away due to being an older rat. 

Widget 12/8/01 She went to live with 3 other rabbits, two of them are her daughters from the litter she arrived pregnant with. Widget was the rabbit who had been here the longest so I was glad to see her finally find her niche! She is getting along moderately well, one of her daughters is trying to dominate her, but she is refusing to fight and backs off instead. So far, so good!

Apollo 12/2/01 The sweetest boy was adopted as a playmate for a cute Dutch rabbit named Con Gai. They are getting along nicely without much of a fuss. He is bigger than she is, but they don't seem to notice any size differences. Update 10/25/04-Sadly, Con Gai passed away. His owners went to the Nouth Los Angeles Shelter and adopted a new friend for Apollo! She will be spayed asap and bonded with him! Update 12/19/10- Apollo has passed away. My heart goes out to his owners.

Honey Bunny 11/4/01 Adopted as a match for a neutered boy named Cuddles, she has a new family who adore her. 

Opal and Fur 11/3/01 Adopted together, they are in a safe home where they can stretch their legs. Their new rabbit slaves are great people who will take good care of them both.

Sammy and Rascal 9/29/01 These older gentleman were bonded and placed together. They are busy being pampered, I recently ran into their new owner at the pet store with a basket loaded full of toys for them. 

Boofur 9/16/01 He was bonded with Meighan. It was one of those "love matches" that rescuers wish would happen more often. Lots of kisses and no squabbles. Their personalities blended perfectly from day one. What a lucky break for a rabbit who was on his last day at the shelter and his new bride!!  Update 8/02 Meighan had to be euthanized after a freak accident where she was playing and broke her back by making a weird twist. She was left paralyzed and miserable. Her owners, Boofur and myself are all heartbroken. 

Samson 9/1/01-He is going to a new home where he will be well cared for. She fell in love with his personality and good looks! Update 8/02 It is coming on his one year anniversary and he is very happy in his new home. I get pictures and updates on him regularly. Update 12/02 Samson was returned when his owner was unexpectedly evicted from her house.

Sally 8/28/01 She is now living with a vet tech who fell in love with her. Sally is a great lady and went to a good home!

Meighan 8/26/01 Lucky lady, she is in a new home with a friend of mine. She is going to be a cherished pet by someone I know will have the time to care for her! Update 9/01 She was bonded with Boofur (see above) They are both doing great. I get pictures from them periodically. Update 8/02 Meighan had to be euthanized after a freak accident where she was playing and broke her back by making a weird twist. She was left paralyzed and miserable. Her owners, Boofur and myself are all heartbroken. 

Simon 8/11/01 Simon was placed on his own with new parents who will be searching for another rabbit soon. (None of the rabbits currently here were compatible with Simon)

Jack and John-7/12/01 These two boys went together to their new house. They were two of the bottle fed litter I hand raised.

Hannibal aka Hanny 6/15/01 One of the litter of 5 bottle fed babies, this little one was hand selected within a few hours of arriving at my house. He is thriving in his new home and doing great!! Update 9/03 Hanny crossed over the bridge.

Lady and Frisk-5/13/01 Adopted as a bonded pair to a very nice woman who lives alone with two small polite dogs. They have a huge bunny proofed area to dance and play in and will not be caged! Update 8/01 Both rabbits are doing wonderful and are having a great time!

Fuzzy 3/16/01 She was adopted by a friend of mine who recently lost her jersey wooly and was looking for another "needy" one. You don't get much more needy than sitting in the animal shelter on your last day with no one willing to bail you out! Her nails were so long, I don't know how she could walk. She will be spayed next week. Update-5/01 Fuzzy was spayed and is doing wonderful. She is getting more and more friendly as time goes on. Her coat is growing back in nicely after being shaved at the time of her spay surgery to remove the mats..

Savannah 3/10/01 Re-named Isabelle Savannah P. Rabbit! This lucky lady's personality was what saved her from certain death at the animal shelter when I first met her. It also gained her a new home in just over 6 weeks of being here! She is getting along with the cats and bunny safe dogs at her new house so it was a match made in heaven.  I am glad that  had her picture up! It was because of that picture that her life was saved! Because she was adopted, I was able to rescue Mikey and Fuzzy from the animal shelter on their last day. Update 4-01 She has a new bonded friend! Update 10/01 She has a second bonded friend, so she is now in a trio.

Babette 2/4/01 She went to her new home today. Her new owner is a very nice woman who will take great care of her.  Thank you to everyone who inquired about Babs,  she is in  a great new home. Update 2/02 Babs has been in her home for over a year now and is very happy. 

Twinkle and Tubby 1/18/01 These Dwarf rabbits  were both adopted (as a bonded pair) by a woman who is able to offer them a great home. They are both in need of serious socializing due to neglect.  She has had pet rabbits in the past so they are in good hands. Update 3/01-Tubby was renamed Eeyore and is already becoming much more friendly thanks to careful handling.

Pebbles 1/13/01 A guinea pig named Pebbles has found a new home with a couple here in my town. She is going to be well cared for there, which is very good news! 

Olive 12/10/00 He was adopted to a new home today! His sweet personality meant that he was not even up on the board, he came off a waiting list, was neutered, then placed into a prearranged home. (much better for the rabbits because I hate for them to have a long wait here, I like them to go to forever homes soon) (was named James)

Prosper and Sage 12-10-00 These brothers found new homes with an older woman She was missing her husband who passed away the end of July. They are happy at her house, hopping around getting into mischief.

Dallas 12-9-00 He was adopted into a new home after their rabbit passed away. He didn't even have time to be named here before he was placed in his new home. 

Annie 10-12-00 Annie, a sweet girl found on the streets 2/00 was adopted out today. She is joining Petey's household and they are now good friends.  (see below for who Petey is) Update 6/02 Petey passed away from a sudden illness that the vet was unable to cure. Annie has been rebonded with a pair of homeless rabbits.

Daisy 8-20-00 0ne of Widget's babies, she found a good home with a best friend named Fluffy!

Sam 8-15-00 Another of Widget's babies, he was adopted to a family who have owned rabbits before and were glad to get a new addition to their now bunny-less household.

Marge and Francis  8-10-00 Two of Widget's babies found a home with Buddy (AKA Costello) and Angelo (AKA P.J) after Felicity and Wally  passed over the bridge within a month of each other. They are getting along just great with their new friends. (They were named by their new owners, hence the same name as Marge the first) Update 5/08 Francis, Buddy and Angelo have all passed away but Marge is still going strong.

Marge the first 5-28-00 Marge found a home with a rabbit named Shawn and his family. Marge was a little leary of Shawn due to her cautious personality but they are getting along without any squabbles. A big thank you to her new owners for the extra money added to the adoption fee! Update 8/00-I heard that they are doing great together. Marge is getting much friendlier!

Cleo 5-27-00 Cleo found a new home with a rabbit named Butter. Butter had lost his long time friend and was a little unsure about a new friend. We are keeping our fingers crossed that the two of them form a strong bond. Already, they were exchanging small grooming kisses. Big thanks for the generous donation to the bunny toy fund! We spent Memorial day shopping at Busy Bunny and Bunny Bytes. Update 4-01 I just got an e-mail that they are both doing great! Butter was apparently very ill and Cleo helped pull him through by being sweet and supportive. Update 8/02 This shy girl has blossomed into a friendly rabbit. Sometimes, it just takes the patience of a new family. Having a friendly rabbit as a buddy to show you the ropes helps!

Sunshine 4-2-00 Sunshine found her new home today! Her new family was hoping for a larger rabbit which is great because too often rabbits who are going to be really large as adults are hard to place, even while young and cute. (at 3 months old she weighed 5 pounds already!)

Twins and Pepper 3-19-00 What was going to be a possible couple adoption turned into a 3 some. Two young female mini lops had been left here yesterday and they are going to be matched up with Pepper. Pepper will be neutered before meeting the ladies because even though we "think" they are too young to get pregnant, we prefer not to risk any "accidental births". The twins will be named soon and will be spayed when they are aprox 6 months old.  

George 3-18-00 He went to his new home where he will hopefully soon be getting new buddy. Update-A matchmaking with George and Widget failed. George was very jealous of Widget so, Widget came back here and George is going to stay single! Update 7/02 George is still doing great! He is getting along wonderfully with his rabbit slaves. Update 10/08/04 Sadly, George has passed over the bridge.

Harry (aka Chaos) 3-1-00 He was adopted into a trio with Charlie and Nibbles after a weekend bonding session that went very well. (Charlie and Nibbles story is below) Update7-00-Charlie passed away so Nibbles and Harry are on their own. Update 7/02 Harry has passed away after the stress from wildfires forced his owners to evacuate with him and their other pets. It is so sad because Harry was not the type of rabbit to stress! He was very outgoing and bratty.  

Beatrix (aka Melody) 1/30/00 She was adopted to a house where she is now a companion to a neutered male. They are having some minor squabbles but they are getting along which is great because he just lost his bonded partner two weeks before and was falling into a depression. Update 1-01 Beatrix is doing great in her new house, getting along with all her family members. She even helped the new kitten "learn the ropes"

Starlight 1/13/2000 This gal was adopted to an elderly gentleman who will take very good care of her. She is one of the lucky strays because she was rescued by someone who cared enough to get her to a safe haven. Many die before they can be rescued. Her outgoing personality saved her life.

Dot 1/4/2000 This lovely lady, sister to Frisk and Melody, was adopted by a family I have known for years. I know that she is in a good home and will out her life happily.

Black Velvet 12/15/99 She is in a great new home with a new best friend, Buttercup. Buttercup's friend Silk was euthanized due to kidney problems and Buttercup was grieving. Velvet was just what he needed to make him perk up! Update 1/01 B.V. is doing well, despite the fact that her buddy Buttercup passed away. She is living in Las Vegas where her new owner moved. Her owner hopes to find her a new bunny friend.

Betsy 10/21/99 She was adopted into a very indoor good home with a family who loves her dearly.

Petey 5/25/99 He is in a great home where his new owners will care for him. They understand his problem with bladder stones and are fine with buying him special pellets. Petey is one lucky little rabbit! Update-bonded happily with Annie above. Update Petey has passed over the bridge. 

Scooter  4/18/99 The black and white Mini Lop baby is now a therapy bunny as well as a beloved house pet! He passed his test with flying colors and will be going to visit with people once a week. His outgoing personality has made him the perfect rabbit for the job. From abandoned boy to cherished darling, he has come a long way!

The trio of rex babies 4/14/99 as a trio so that the siblings could stay together. They went to someone who works at a vet clinic that sees rabbits so they are going to be well taken care of!

Jasper and Lady 3/28/99 as a bonded pair. Lady will be spayed at 5 months old, Jasper was already neutered last month. They went to a family who will cherish them as members of the family, not just pets. (or as Easter bunnies who will be discarded later!)

Hannah  2/7/99 by a charming new family. This little Rex lady was one of the lucky ones. Some of her brothers and sisters went to pet stores as potential snake food. Not all bunnies born find good homes like Hannah did. I was in the right place at the right time to save her from a horrible fate. Thank you to her new family!

Thunder Renamed Peanut, he was adopted by a couple who adopted Silver (renamed Princess) from me several years ago. The mate we had bonded her to originally had passed to Rainbow Bridge and she was lonesome. No fighting for these two, they got along from the first meeting on 1/16/99. Update-8/00 Both Peanut and Princess are doing great, I went by for a visit!

Cinnamon got her new home! Thanks to those who asked about Cinnamon. I am happy to say that she went to a great family on 8/30/98. I am positive that this is the great home for her. She has her very own girl to pet her and cuddle her.

News flash! P.J. was adopted and renamed Angelo 12/27/97 by the same people who adopted Felicity below after Skippy died at the age of 10 years old. So, Angelo  has joined Felicity, Wally and Eddie and is adjusting nicely to the clan. It helps that despite the male sounding names, all three of his new buddies are female.

New home for Felicity!
was adopted 9/14/97 and has been happily matched with a trio of other pampered rabbits. Her new personal friend is Eddie another female rabbit but she gets along just wonderful with Wally and Skippy.

Great news!
11/16/97 Daniel and Flash were successfully match-maked as a couple and were adopted by a great new family!! 

A match made in heaven!
: 11/25/97 Charlie, our mini rex foster, was match-maked with Nibbles, one of the Netherland dwarf rabbits who was adopted from me in 95. It's a match made in heaven, and both of them, their owner Debbie and I are ecstatic! Debbie was wonderful, Nibbles was one of our special needs buns who was a biter. Debbie has spent the past two years working with her (and being bitten) but Nibbles has gradually calmed down, proving that patience can often work miracles. (and Debbie sure has a lot of patience, Nibbles was pretty feisty and can still be a brat sometimes) 
4/02 Sad update-Charlie and Nibbles have both passed over the bridge, Charlie passed 7/00 and Nibbles 4/02. 

She was saved! Duchess
12/4/97, a large albino rabbit gave birth at the Santa Monica shelter. She was stressed and lonesome. Her time ran out and the shelter called me. We raced over and picked up her and two adult males. The next day, a phone call came in from a woman who had seen Duchess at the shelter but got back too late to get her. Duchess was spayed and adopted within two weeks. She is now a house rabbit with a friend to play with and a huge place to call her own. Talk about lucky! (I still have the two males for adoption, please call!) 
Sad Update-Duchess passed away in 2000

New home for a Guinea Pig: Jerry,
a neutered male guinea pig who was abandoned here was adopted 6/08/97 and now has a best friend named Doc!

Love at first sight! Well, almost!  Lucky was accepted by Sasha and a pair of great folks.  Sasha's mate had died and she was lonesome. So, after trying practically every other bunny and having her attack them, he finally had what it took to turn her head! Sasha was just being careful since she knew that a rabbit should be kept for life and didn't want to make any mistakes in picking out her new partner.



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