This page is dedicated to special pets who have been lost. While gone, they  never will be forgotten, living on in the hearts of their owners. 

If you would like to add your beloved friend to our memorial page, please E-mail with a story or memorial you would like posted about your pet. You may include a picture. If you have a website dedicated, we can link to that if you would like. This is a free service.  To get back to Rabbit and Pocket Pet Adoptions, click here.

Please visit Poems to help to read other poems to help get through the grieving process. Other links to help get past the worst of the heartache are The Pet Loss Grief Support and Lightening Strike and Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement....The most peaceful place I have found is where you can light a virtual candle that will burn for 48 hours



Just this side of heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge.

When an animal dies that has been especially close to someone here, that pet goes to Rainbow Bridge. There are meadows and hills for all our special friends so they can run and play together. There is plenty of food, water, and sunshine and our friends are warm and comfortable.

All the animals who have been ill and old are restored to health and vigor; those who were hurt or maimed are made whole and strong again, just as we remember them in our dreams of days and times gone by.

The animals are happy and content, except for one small thing; they each miss someone very special to them, who had to be left behind.

They all run and play together, but the day comes when one suddenly stops and looks into the distance. His bright eyes are intent; his eager body begins to quiver. Suddenly, he begins to run from the group, flying over the green grass, his legs carrying him faster and faster.

You have been spotted, and when you and your special friend finally meet, you cling together in joyous reunion, never to be parted again.

The happy kisses rain upon your face; your hands again caress the beloved head, and you look once more into the trusting eyes of your pet, so long gone from your life but never absent from your heart.

Then you cross Rainbow Bridge together...


If tears could build a stairway, and memories a lane,

I'd walk right up to Heaven and bring you home again....

Author Unknown


"If you hear or think you see him at home for the next few weeks, you aren't crazy. His spirit will beat you home."

This quote was spoken to several clients by Foster A. Lasdon, DVM when he helped assist a suffering pet over the Rainbow Bridge. Dr. Lasdon passed over the Bridge himself on February 14, 1999 to be with his own beloved "bridge kids". A huge empty space was left in the hearts and lives of those who knew him. (Though he was not a pet, he was a very gifted vet, and a mentor to the web-mistress..)




Passed away June 23, 2016

Droopy, you were a wonderful part of our family, and you will always be loved deeply. 
We were blessed to have you in our lives for many joy-filled years, though we wish it were for many more. 

We will always remember your snuggles, gentle licks, happy hops, and curious nature. 
You brought so much fun and joy to our family and will be dearly missed. 

I know you are all better now, and it makes me smile thinking of you enjoying all the grass, carrots, and special treats that you want. 
Until we meet again. 

Love you, Droops.

With love,
Ruth, Jonathan, and Cuddlebug




My Lost Best Friend

Passed away June 5, 2016

I wanted to add my Best friend who passed away last Sunday at this exact time. She was the love of my life.

I remember the day she ran into my arms.

As a puppy she was afraid of everyone else.

I remember our special rides in the car together, our nightly snuggles and her ballerina legs when I scratched her back feet that she loved.

The special looks she gave me.

How exited she got for every new toy I got her.

 Her running to greet every person who walked through our door with her new toy.

Her favorite pink purse she carried around for years.

I miss her so much and my heart is now gone.



Sept 15, 2011 to Jan 14, 2016

I would like to make a memorial for Benjamin. The most beautiful Mini

Lop Eared Bunny you ever did see. With the shiniest, glossiest fur you

could ever touch, and the most caring and loving eyes that he kept

focused on one special human being. The love of his life, Courtney.

Courtney always wanted a pet she could love and nurture. A furry

friend that would listen all about her day, with no judgement, no

questions, no unwanted advice. Just big ears!........ She found all

that in Ben. He would run to her feet as soon as she walked in the

door. He would jump up on her lap to cuddle and snuggle and kiss her

nose. He became the most reliable and constant companion who helped

her through some really tough times.

For some, it's hard to imagine something so small and non-human,

having the ability to comfort someone in their time of need and

feelings of uncertainty. But this was Ben. He was all that and more.

Much more...

He will be sadly missed. More than words can say.

"Mommy, I understand.

I know your heart is broken.

That is why I cried.

But you did this for me.

You were with me, comforting me,

until I saw the rainbow.

I am no longer in pain.

I love you more than ever. I always have. I always will"

Ben xxx



July, 14, 2013-March, 12, 2014


I want  to make a memorial for my cat Ash .

She was so young not even a year yet she was diagnosed with  feline leukemia. 

I wish I could of done so much more to help her.

I love you Ash. I will forever love you Darling . 


Sleepy and Carrots

Added 1/1/2014

 I would like to give a memorial in honor of my rabbits Sleepy and Carrots. I was so young at that time. I wish there was so much more I would have done to save them (they were eaten by coyotes). I shouldn't have let them be put outside.

But I hope I will see them again one day and be reunited with them, and that they know just how much I love them.

I would also like to pay a tribute to all my other pets who have died, and animals all around the world, whether through neglect, abuse,

animal cruelty, animal testing, or for whatever reason.




Passed over on 10/6/2013

Shadow left us at 855am today October 6, 2013 he has been a part of our family for 17 years.

We know he is with God in a better place and he's not suffering.

We will always Love and miss you Shadow love mom and family....always in our hearts and memories..



Added 9/30/13


Gary is my 3˝ year old gerbil, who I loved very much.

Every morning when I left to school or left anywhere, I would tell him bye Gary and treat him like my best friend.

I will Miss him soooo much and hope he is enjoying heaven and makes friends with all the other pets that have passed away.



Added 8/29/13


We had to put our almost 9 month old bulldog down today he had been sick as a pup with parvo.
 He got real sick again and the vet said there was nothing they could do for him.
Rather then see him suffer we let him rest. He's in God's home now and not in pain..
He was one of our kids and will be very missed.
 We love you Camo....


Added 7/29/13


My Fluffy girl, mummy misses you so much but you keep playing with Bunny, Bear and Chocky, 
I know your being a good big sister. 
6 years ago when I saw that ad I never could have imagined I would find my best friend and love of my life, 
you became my whole world and gave me more love than anyone in the world. 
I'm sorry it took so long for you to come live inside with mummy and 
sorry that you got sick but all those night staying up just for cuddles in bed are something I will never forget. 
I'm not ok right now but don't you worry I will be, I feel like you took my heart with you but that's ok you can keep it forever. 
I love baby girl❤



Toby was my beautiful baby boy Chihuahua who left me when he was only 3. I miss him so. He was the baby brother of my other 4 chi’s and my best friend. The day he passed was the saddest day of my life. Toby protected me one morning while I was extremely sick. I had gotten up and did not feel well. As I was standing near him, I fell unconscious and to keep me from hurting myself, he placed himself between my head and the ceramic floor. He gave his life to protect me. He is a true hero and will forever be a large part of my life. I love him and miss him dearly. I wrote this poem to him:

To Toby, My beautiful baby boy

I hope that I can go on again.
Please let me know that my one bad day will end.
You are my best friend.

Don’t be afraid without me, you are in my heart every day.

I talk to your pictures out loud often because I know your spirit is with me.
I'll keep my eyes patiently focused on the day we see each other again.

I miss your little face. I miss your little footsteps. I miss you. I'm lost without you.

I know you made a choice to end your life to save mine that day and I hope you can forgive me for making you make that choice. I know you would do it over again and again and again for me.

I wish I could start that day over and change the outcome so you can be here with me again………..

I love you bug,




When I think of forever, what do I see.
I do not see the forest or the might oak tree.
I do not see beaches and the endless Sea.
I do not think of man and the emotions he keeps.
I do not think of my family tree, because sometimes they leave.
I do not think of my country, no matter how strong it seems.
I do not think of money and the worth of it.
Or sunsets that I watch when I sit.
I only think of one thing.
A love so pure as the dew dropped leaves.
A love so precious I could never leave.
A love that makes me happy in the day.
And rests with me at night, we even play.
He is love in it's purest form.
He is a darling I adore.
And I will love him forever more.
Me, he has never annoyed.
And he will remain,
Forever my Odie boy.




You are and always will be in my heart and soul. You were my protector and my friend. Mother was a AKC German Shepard Sasha, we lost her young. Father was a stranger. Although you were not human we had a bond that is not  common in this world. You were always happy to see me and we shared many good meals together.


Yes, you ate as a goddess. You loved the beach here at South Padre Island ,Texas and you always swam by my side. You learned to fish after watching Daddy bring in those fish. Maybe you knew Dad had trouble walking so you went to the 2nd sandbar and brought the fish in for him. You always got so excited when you saw that rod bend. You knew there was a fish on the end of the line. You are missed more than words can express, you will always be Dreamboat Annie. 




In Memory of Denim Dog

I had you for 13 years.  You were the best dog in the whole world.  You were there for me when I needed you, You were my best friend.  I will miss you every day of my life. I remember when we use to play in the yard, You loved coming to the barn with me, I remember you as a puppy.  You may have been accident prone but I kept you safe and close to my heart.  Lymphoma killed you but you will live forever in my heart. I will miss the snowman on your butt, the tear in your eye, the scar on you ear, the way you asked me to scratch your butt, the way you moaned when I twirled your ears, how you would pee on que, the way you would spend time with me, the way you were ALWAYS there.  But most of all I WILL MISS YOUR SMILE. I did not see that smile when I said goodbye but I knew it was there. In the end I spared you pain and I believe that I showed you in that action how much I love you, I LOVE YOU MORE THAN WORDS CAN SAY. you weren't just Denim you were and always will be my DENIM DOG.
Denim Dog
June 2, 1994 - October 27, 2008



R.I.P. Sqeaky

My hammie, Sqeaky helped me through while I was still mourning the death of my other hamster (Daisy), when I lost one hamster, she brought me 8 hamsters, including herself. My family and her babies will greatly miss her and her shy, cute personality. I will remember everything that she did, especially her love



I would like to say that this cat was the best cat there was. She was so sweet as well. She was the first cat that I got that actually stuck by my side. But when she died it killed me. I love cats, I really do. They are really sweet animals, but I don't think I could get another one, because I still love her. Sarah, R.I.P. baby and I will join you sooner or later. Don't worry about that baby.


Hi Yankee

  het is nu alweer bijna 6 maanden geleden dat je van ons bent gegaan.
en onze leven is niet meer hetzelfde.sinds jij gegaan bent.
maar er komt een dag dan zien wij elkaar weer.en dan zijn wij voor
altijd weer samen en dan gaan wij ook weer lol maken zoals wij dat hier
ook deden.hoewel mijn levens plezier
niet meer hetzelfde is.denk ik elke
dag aan jouw.want jij was mijn kleine vriend compaan en torrebakkie.
je baasje xeno.
Yankee you're gone but not forgotten.





10-16-1992 to 6-16-2005


Little red dog

So small, so sweet

Little red dog

Sitting on my feet

Those puppy eyes said "pick me up"

Those puppy eyes said "I'm your pup"



I took you home and from the start

You ruled the house and ruled my heart

You and the cat became fast friends

And stayed that way until the end


My little guy, you grew and grew

We shared such fun, just we two

The years went by

We'd play and run

The time would fly

And have such fun

Your squeaky toy, your tennis ball

You'd run and pay and catch them all



Then age crept up and took its toll

You drank more often from your water bowl

You couldn't run, sometimes you'd fall

No longer could you catch your ball

Your kidneys failed, you were so sick

I wished I could make you well with some magic



And in my heart, I know, I know

It was time to let you go

My little red dog, to Rainbow Bridge

let your sprit fly

My little red dog, goodbye, goodbye


Your loving Mommy and Daddy



July/August 03'-October 26, 2005




Everybody will miss this sweet, adorable, loving hamster. She was nice to everybody. She was my first pet that I could actually play with. When I went to the pet store to buy my new hamster. I saw 2 female golden hamsters left. I wanted the cute small one. I knew she was perfect. The employee put her in the box. We went to the counter, and the lady opened the box.

"That's a cute one you have."


The little hamster peered outside. She was so small. We decided to rush to go home, she might nibble her way out. I felt the box shaking.

"Don't worry, little hamster. You'll be okay. You'll be okay" I said in a reassuring voice.

When we got back to my house, we put my hamster in its cage. She was really nervous, and she hid in the paper toilet tube for about a half an hour. She was shaking. I kept on watching her. But she needs her space. After that my mom helped me tame my hamster, and it took about 2-4 weeks. She never bitten me. She never really bitten anybody. Except my dad, on the first day we got her, he wanted to pet her. She trusted me, and I trusted her. When she was tired, she slept in my lap or in my hand. When she was playful she would run all over my hands.


I will never forget the day she died. I said the same words I said on the day we got her, "Don't worry little hamster. You'll be okay. You'll be okay." She will always be remembered for the love and joy she brought to me and my family.




She licked the tears off my face during our final goodbye

 She was born Southend on Sea, England, August 9th 1996; put to sleep Galashiels, Scotland, June 24th 2005; buried at Doon Hill Historic Scotland site, Dunbar, June 24th 2005. 

Our grief is beyond words

Michael (owner)

Sugar (Flossy's litter sister)
Added July 1, 2005



Bunny was special from the first time we laid eyes on her at a flea market in N.C. She saw my youngest and ran across to him sticking her paws out to get to him.  My heart melted immediately and she came home with us on father's day.  Even though my husband wasn't so thrilled he noticed her charming ways as she grew.  She made sure she told him good bye when he left for work.  She loved popcorn.  And would pout if she didn't get any on Wednesday's when we had to hurry to music lessons and passed by her.  When we returned she would turn her back to show her displeasure at our forgetfulness.  It broke our hearts on Christmas day 2004 when we returned home and she had passed away.  We cried and cried.  We will always think of you and your splendid personality.  I'm glad you picked us that day at the flea market.

The Edwards family
Added June 23, 2005


Midnight Star

Midnight Star was my first pet ever. I got him when he was a baby and when I was 10 years old because, growing up I had been made fun of and had not one friend until Midnight Star came into my life. He was very adventurous and loved to be held and loved which i did every day. He loved to eat anything and everything. When I would come home from school he wood start squeaking for me to hold him and to feed him. When I wood cry I would pick him up and he would crawl up my shoulder and lick all of my tears away and lay his little head down on my left shoulder. His whole life he was healthy and had fun running loose in the house i would let him go where ever he wanted to go and let him do what he wanted to do. I taught him tricks and in return he loved me. The morning of October 7,2004 came, I noticed that he wasn't acting himself and that he was crawling around his cage so i picked him up and ran to my moms room and she checked him and then after that he started ac! ting himself and he started eating so i thought he was ok a few hours later he wasn't acting himself he was acting worse then he did in the morning. He wasn't moving at all when i picked him up within a few minutes he became limp and was lifeless his mouth turned all white. I held him for about 30 minutes and then i saw him take his last breath at 4:37 in the afternoon. I broke down crying for days because i missed him so much. Midnight Star was like a pet he was my first friend and he was my baby and my everything and i really miss him. Even though he died last year he was the one who changed my life and if he was a human i would thank him for that. I know that he has gone over to the Rainbow Bridge and that he isn't suffering like he did the day he died and that he is running and eating everything he wants. I know that he is on the other side and that we will again be once reunited in the future. Until then we all miss you down here baby and we will never forget you.

Added March 29, 2005



I found out 30 min. ago that my child hood dog Winnie died she was around 20 yrs old  and was with the family for most of my childhood. She was a great dog and I will miss her a lot.  She was the best cocker/chow mix a girl could have. Where ever you are Winnine, I hope you are happy! Say hello to Maverick for me. (another lost dog) I am sure he is happy to see you. I will miss you and I will never forget you. I do not know how I will be able to come home without you there.
Erika Added Jan 30, 2005


To Our Dog Bowser: He was more than just a dog, to us he was more like a friend and after all these years that I ignored him or played with him. I just wanted to say I love you. I also wanted to say that even if we do get another dog he wont replace you in my heart because you are the only dog for me. I just wanted to say that I am sorry for mistreating you all these years.

With Love
Your Pal Alan

Added Jan 29, 2005

RIP: January 29 2005
Bowser was a great dog everyone loved him. As a puppy he was very aggressive. He protected me like he was my father and I bet that he did think I was his child. I have had Bowser my whole life as long as I can remember. I had this dog my whole life and even though he is now on Rainbow Bridge I will not forget him.
Bowser got cancer and he started to grow tumors. The first one came on his ear and we got him surgery to get it removed. After that they started coming out more and more. Soon enough one grew on his leg and after a while he popped open and he started to bleed. We had no choice but to put him down or to let him suffer. I didn't want to let him go but we had no choice..
We are getting him cremated and some of his ashes are going in to a special locket just for me and I will always have Bowser near my heart
"Old Dog in a Locket"
Old dog in a locket That lies next to my heart
I will always love you As I did right from the start
You were right beside me Through the darkest of my days
It was your kind and gentle nature That made me want to stay
Now I hold you in my arms Your breath still warm against my hand
Our hearts still beat together And I wonder if you understand
Through the hours that I held you Before the light did leave your soul
I knew a way to keep you Forever in my hold
I snipped the hair from around your eyes So I would always see
The beauty that surrounds me Even in times of need
I snipped the hair from around your ears So I would always hear
Music in the distance To quiet any fears
I snipped the hair from across your back
To bring me strength in time of need
And the power of your essence Would always be with me
I snipped the hair from around your heart That beat in time with mine
So I would know that love would find me At some distant time
And so, your life slipped out of mine On a quiet spring like day
But I knew that a part of you Old dog in a locket
That lays next to my heart I will always love you
Even though we had to part
Bowser I love you and I will never forget you. Please know that no other dog could ever take this place in my heart that you hold so dearly. One day we shall meet again I know this for a fact. Please remember that not only I love you but your whole family to.. You had a wonderful life and you were very loved.
Added Jan 29, 2005

This is for all my ratties.

It all started with pocket, my sweet little rat I was only 8 years old but I rode the school bus all the way to the pet store just to pick you out. I had you for 5 years before you passed on to the rainbow bridge. Scabbers, my calm boy who would hide behind my hair all during choir practice. Lunar and buggish, twin brothers who were saved from the snakes wrath. You two who would curl up on my pillow and wait for me to give you treats and belly rubs. I watched you grow from tiny dibbuns to fine adults and finally to senior fellows. I miss you all so much and you are always in my thoughts.
Amy Raye
Southern Ca
added Feb 29, 04


Puddin was a good cat, he was "dumped" by his former owners around 3 years ago. He was an indoor/outdoor cat. We tried and tried to keep him in, but he was relentless. He would attack the other cats, us, and the furnishing if we didn't open the door for him when he demanded. He never really belonged to us, though we might have belonged to him. He crossed the bridge on January 4, 2004.

added 1/6/03


Frisky but known as Bunny and Buns. He passed away 12/31/03 from internal organ failure after fighting Ileus or GI Stasis. He was my companion and best buddy and will miss him forever. He was very friendly and loved to be mischievous. But was always there for me during the good times and the bad. I had the chance to say good-bye and will see him again at the Rainbow Bridge.

Anon (added 1/6/04)


October 2003

It is nearly one year ago I lost my beloved little girl Gemma. I dedicate this poem to her for teaching me what unconditional love meant.

I didn't know that morning
What pain the day would bring,
When you're little heart stopped beating
And I couldn't do a thing,
I'd tried so hard
But all in vain,
To try to make
You well again,
It broke my heart in two
When I saw you slip away,
You didn't want to go
You tried so hard to stay,
I saw that you were tired
And a cure was not to be,
So I held you in my arms
And cried "Gem, Please forgive me"
After seventeen years
The time had come to part,
It eased your pain
But broke my heart,
If I could have one wish
A wish that would come true,
The only thing I'd wish for
Are my yesterdays with you,
I'll  think about you everyday
Of that there is no doubt,
You were wonderful to live with
But so hard to live without,
Every morning when I wake
My thoughts go straight to you,
You never leave my broken heart
No matter what I do,
There's a hole in my life
That no-one can fill,
In life I love you dearly
In death I love you still,
And as I laid you 'neath the soil and clay
I laid my heart beside you
And quietly walked away.

Goodbye my Angel.

When your pain ended, mine began

August 11, 2003

For the past eleven years, I have enjoyed the pleasure of my wonderful best friend, Akido. Akido loved to run and play, chase after squirrels, and was always at my side.  When I went outside, he came with me.  When I went inside, if only to get something, he would come in too.  He loved to catch balls in the air, play in the water, trying to "catch" the water as it was sprayed out of the hose, and he even would sing when I sang jingle bells.  He loved to eat cheese and chicken, and he enjoyed taking sips of my wine! 

Yesterday, August 11,2003, I had to make the toughest decision in my put my friend to sleep.  Akido was diagnosed with lymphoma, in the very serious stage only 3 and a half weeks ago. He was put on  prednisolone, since I know chemo can be extremely awful for most dogs.

To make sure, I had one of his lymph nodes removed, and my niece who is a pathologist at MSU performed the reading, and said it was terminal, with perhaps a month or two of survival.  I was told to look for signs of not eating, of losing control of his bowels and kidneys, and labored breathing.  When I brought him home from the biopsy, he developed a bacterial infection on his paw, and I had to keep it continuously wrapped.  He was limping on it. 

Then a couple of days ago, he was getting really weak in all of his legs.  He never lost control, never lost his appetite, but his legs would give under whenever he went outside to go to the bathroom.  He would pant so heavily when he would fall.  I felt that he was in too much pain. He tried getting up to stand, but his legs would not hold him. 

I made the decision to put him to sleep, and held him through the whole time.  I now feel very guilty about having made that decision, although I know his cancer would have given him many complications shortly.  He is the only dog I have truly owned, and we were literally inseparable.  I never went on trips, because I did not want anyone else to take care of him.  I feel that I have lost everything, and I cannot eat, sleep or do anything.  He is being cremated, and I am getting his remains soon.  The bond we shared has never been felt by me, although I have had pets in the past.


RIP Jessi
11th August 2003

Jessi was a Netherlands Albino Dwarf Rabbit with a whole lot of attitude & when old age came upon him, he was our own little War Veteran. He lived a 13year life and was very much loved & cared for... My father & I swear that last night we heard his little thumps and little footsteps running through the lounge-room as if to say, "I am here, please don't forget me". He passed peacefully at the tender age of 120 rabbit years We love you our 'lil man. Now you can run again. He is one "Little" Bunny that will live on in our hearts forever.

Jade & Bruce (Sister & Dad)


This is my first birthday without Lady. My dog Lady was a king charles cavalier spaniel I had her ever since she was a pup. After her death I felt so depressed. My family and I buried her in our front garden. I'm crying right now when I'm typing this, she was my best friend and she was always there when I needed her. She died on the 16th March 2003 at 1:30 am. She will always be watching us down from heaven and never will depart from her family.

Kat (added 7/22/03)

Skipper, a blue healer dog came to live with us in Arizona when I was 3 years old in 1987. He became our family pet and been with us all these years. He went through so much with the family and was so hard when he finally left us of old age in 2002. I think he knew it was his time because he just left and died under his favorite tree. Skipper was so old that we had to crush his food and had lost his eye sight and hearing. I can't believe he lived this long to be with us. We are so grateful that we had all these years with him. Skipper, you are missed and still loved. No other pet can replace you!

WE WILL MISS YOU ALWAYS!! (Your friend, Danny)
added 7/11/03


Our family lost a pet. His name was Buddy Q and he passed away May 19 2003. We had to put him to asleep because he had a lot of problems. So I will never forget about him and he will always be in our hearts and minds

Sincerely, Deseree
added 5/03


Actually Gizmo was my daughter's dog; but, due to college, military duty and being almost always out of town my wife and I were given the responsibility of raising Gizmo almost from the day my daughter got him as a pup after a previous pup (Bandit) had to be put down due to Parvo.

Gizmo passed away on 5/5/2003 at the age of 15 years (my daughter took him to the vet and he was put down) due to a sudden illness that devastated both Gizmo and his human family. Gizmo never knew he was a dog, a family pet.  Gizmo was a member of the family and he was not about to be left out of any family functions and being part Terrier his bark always told us that we were not paying enough attention to him!

Gizmo WAS a big part of our family particularly after the kids grew up and left home and it was just my wife and I.  We both miss him terribly and as I am writing this e-mail, tears are forming in my eyes.   My wife bought me a beautiful card to tell me she understands my grief and she wrote in the card that she knew that Gizmo loved me and that made his passing in a way comforting. Thank you for allowing me to tell you this story.  GOD BLESS Gizmo and I hope they have his favorite bones in heaven.

Bob M
added 5/03


I sit and write this, knowing that tomorrow the Vet will arrive and help Mungo return to the dog he once was. He only came to us four years ago, already old, having suffered for probably years with somebody who will never know the joy of a true friend.
He has only ever given love, and the odd bit of heartache. I truly hope that all his pains will be gone and he will wait with my other dogs that have gone before at the Rainbow Bridge.
I will miss him always.
added 12/18/02

To Little-Bit I will always have you in my heart

I lost my very best friend today. We fought a long battle with Liver failure. She was a beautiful little Chihuahua. She would climb up in bed with me every night and snuggle down in the bend of my knees. The hole that has been left in my heart will never again be filled. Little-Bit came to me just moments before she was going to be put to sleep, because the owners that had her were no longer able to take care of her because of family illness. I loved her with all my heart and feel a great loss without my little girl.

Love to you forever
added 11/15/02


A cinnamon colored rat that a teacher gave me got internal bleeding and died the day before school started. She was the best rat I've ever had. Gentle and sweet....I will never forget you Templeton. You are in my heart forever.

Aquatic Icefox
added 10/20/02

Several pets who have passed over

Margaret Ann's Beloved Pets
Added 6/11/02

In loving memory of Jinx & Guinguy....
Jinx: 1/02 - 3/01/02 in our family
GuinGuy: 2/02 - 3/01/02 in our family

You will live long in our hearts forever...

Added 3/2/02

Cinnamon, aka Bea

Passed away 3/2/02 after living a happy life for just under 7 years. She was preceeded in death by her dearly beloved brother Benny. She will be missed. 

Added 3/2/02

My Gerbil Raspberry was three years old and died in a glass jar in my
Gerbil Cage. 5 Of my loved Gerbils have died, one survived, Chive.
Rapberry was greyish-white. She had a long curled surly tail. I loved
her, she loves me. She loved maple leaves and water, and she was a
Canadian Gerbil, the best. Make this a celabration of the gone Gerbil,
because I'm sorry to say this, but my brother's sad and so am I, And
also, on January thirty-first, today, she died. My Gerbil Raspberry, my
second last one...

Agatha 1/31/02

Rest in Peace Fidget

My beautiful striped gerbil passed away from a tumor in her belly. She was so unique and very sweet. I had her for three years and it wasn't long enough. I will miss her a lot. I know that she is with her other cagemates now, Behley and Nibbles, who crossed before her. Rest in peace, Fidget!

Rest in peace my angels, Nibbles, Behley, & Fidget...We love you! 
(added Nov 27, 01)


A wee Belgian Hare, she lived 11 days. Just long enough for one eye to open. Short in life but she will remain in my heart for my lifetime. She started life out rough, her momma killed her other two siblings. She was brought to me in hopes that I could give her a chance. What can I say other than I tried my best and it just wasn't enough.

Angela (added July 14, 01)

Lightning "Gimpy" Rhode Island Red
She lived two happy weeks with a really gimpy leg.
were suprised she made it this far.
We tried everthing.
We will all miss the chick with the worlds biggest heart.
that gave her all to live those weeks
made it really difficult to part.
but now she's in heaven with the birds gone before.
Surely up there they will now rest no more.
So farewell to the chickie that slept in my hand.
Drifted off to sleep to never come back.
We will all miss you
(added 6/28/01)

Dear Friends,
I am feeling very sad today. I had to have one of my
special boys put to sleep yesterday. He lived a good
long life and I will miss him very much. In my grief I
wrote a poem in his honor and thought I would like to
share it with you because I am sure that you have all
lost a special rattie that was a part of your

A Tribute to Fred

I know it's your time, I know you must go
But I am going to miss you so
Your sweet face greets me each day at your door
I will never see that sweet face anymore

Your life started out rough
But it was meant to be
Because you came to live with me

You turned out to be such a wonderful boy
Took care of the girls
Gave me so much joy

You were first to come out when it was time to eat
Corn on the cob and peas were your favorite treat

You weren't much of an explorer
That I must mention
You didn't like to be held
But loved the attention

Your family believed
That you were their daddy
You certainly were
One special rattie

So now it's time to say goodbye
I'm trying to be strong
I'm trying not to cry

People will say, "He was just a rat!"
But you were so much more than that

Fred, you will always have a special place in my heart
I will never forget you
Even though we are apart

I hope someday we will meet again
At the Rainbow Bridge
My dear sweet friend

A special thank you to Carol for bringing Fred into my
life. I am forever grateful.

Annie (added 5/4/01)


My beautiful dove grey gerbil, Behley passed away this morning. She had a tumor and I knew it was coming, but it doesn't make it any easier. I had Behley for about three years and I loved her a bunch. I will miss her very much and so will her cagemates!

I know she is no longer in pain and with her friend Nibbles who passed away last November. Rest in peace my girls. 

Anon (added 4/4/01)


A darling guinea pig who came in with a rabbit named Samson. She was with us since October. She passed away today from a malignant tumor. Samson and us all have an empty spot from her passing. She will be missed! 

Angela (added 3/24/01)


A young ferret, purchased at Pet Kingdom 2000 in Las Vegas where he was infected with Giardia. He died days after getting to his new home. Despite vet tests to prove the diagnosis, the lovely store managers insisted that poor Zap had been "fed incorrectly" and refused to stop selling the other ferrets or to do anything to compensate Zap's owner for expenses. (who according to the vet, were also most likely infected with Giardia, it is possible that the breeder's home is ALSO infected!!) Zap died because of an intestinal parasite that could have been prevented. It's sad that this store continued to sell ferrets and didn't notify the other purchasers of ferrets in recent days so that Zap would not have died in vain. 

Please, if you live in Vegas or visit, don't go to Pet Kingdom 2000, they knowingly sell ill animals to unsuspecting people, then blame it on "improper feeding" if one dies.

Anon (added 3/23/01)

Panda the hamster

She was left with my rescue, Angela's Rabbit and Small Animal Adoptions when her folks went on vacation and didn't want to deal with boarding her. After living here for just over a year, she had a stroke right before New Years. The vet said as long as she was seeming to have a quality of life to allow her to live. She was slower, but still taking treats. This morning, I found her in her "nest" looking like she was sound asleep. She must have passed over in the night. 

She will be buried with a candle service held for her this evening.

Angela (added 1/9/01)

This post is in loving memory of:
Sabrina Guiliano
Sabrina was a beautiful 1 1/2 year old female agouti mini-lop that was sick with vestibular syndrome. She made a valiant effort to recover since Monday, Dec. 18, but she lost her battle today and now her soul is peacefully at rest. 

Sleep well my special little angel!

Janine Guiliano (added December-24-00)

Our hamsters who have passed to the bridge include Stash, Hammie, 
Ricky, Candace, Francis Bean (aka Jamon)
, and now Tolstoy, also our little 
mouse Chocolate Shake (better known as Mousie).

Anon (added December 26,00)


 10 year old ferret, crossed over the bridge on December 18, 00. "His boy", Devon, is missing him greatly. Please remember Devon in your thoughts, as a youngster, he doesn't understand why Bounce had to cross over the bridge.

Anon (added December 19, 00)


 A 3 year old ferret joined the ranks across the Rainbow Bridge. She was much loved by her family  and the people at the office where she was honorable manager. It was her job to be the official greeter for anyone coming in the door. Her co-workers and family held a memorial service in her honor to remember her. She will be missed.

Janet S. (added December 19, 00)


 A small albino dwarf rabbit passed away due to gastro-enteritis on Sunday Dec 18. He had only been with his family one short week before they lost him.

Anon (added 12/19/00)


She was an orange and white gerbil who passed away last night, Thursday November 24, 2000. I had her for close to two years and I didn't expect her to die so soon.
I miss her, she was the troublemaker of the group and my other two miss her a lot. 

Anon (added 11/25/00) 


 A rabbit, passed away on Thanksgiving afternoon. His brothers deeply miss him as do we! Life is never long enough for any of us. I only wish it were. Also lost this month was Snowball, a tiny rabbit, too young to leave mom who was dumped at my house. Despite careful feeding, Snowball lost the fight, taking a large part of our hearts.

Angela and the rabbits 
(added Thanksgiving day 2000)


Today as I was about to feed my hamster, I noticed his cage strangely silent. But I figured he was asleep like he normally is. When I opened the cage I noticed he did not wake up to greet me like always. I was afraid to look. After all I have had him for 2 1/2 years as a gift from my husband for my birthday. I decided to wait until my husband got home. I was too afraid to even look. But I had too. I fed him and gave him fresh water and cleaned his cage as if I was his own mother. When I looked a strange feeling came over me. I knew he was gone. I will miss him sooo much. My husband and I used to laugh when he would hang from the top of the cage and then drop as if he were a acrobat. And all the times he would run endlessly for hours in his wheel. I wasn't even sure what sex it was. 
Algonquin this memory is for you!!

Anon (added 11/8/00)


He passed over the bridge in 1999, please visit his webpage. His mom remembers this special rabbit daily..

Anon (added 10/29/00 from CA)

The following rabbits were from the same household...

Shadow 1992 - 1993, male Netherlands Dwarf (my first rabbit, he died from vet negligence)

Snuggles 1993 - 1994, female Netherlands Dwarf (The most snuggling rabbit 
Calico Patches 1994 - 1996, female, broken with blue eyes, Netherlands Dwarf 
(she was my favorite, I even have a "bust" of her that my sister made for me 
from ceramic bunny that she painted to look just like Patches, she died of 
Pleurosy - coating of the lungs, I watched her go into seizures 
and bounce off her cage while she died, gasping for breathe.... )
PussyWillow Whispers 1995 - 1999, female Netherlands Dwarf (the color of 
Pussywillow buds)

Patricia from Pennsylvania (added 10/21/00)

In memory of Nudge, Warren, Mister, Cinnamon and Freckles. Though their lives were short, they touched those who knew them. They are remembered with love and  many tears. 

Angela from Ca (added 10/01/00 )