How do you contact a volunteer?

Please Note: We are located in Orange County, CA, not the San Fernando Valley!

Trying to find a rabbit a new home? Click here! Please read this article first.

Trying to find a small pet a new home? We are no longer taking pets of any kind unless they were adopted from us.

Please fill this out, then follow up with an email to us that includes a picture of your pet. We often have people contacting us who are seeking new pets. We can help you connect with these people by listing your pet on our courtesy listing page. We will not be able to take your pet unless the pet was adopted from us, no exceptions, we are no longer fostering pets.

Have you FOUND a pet? Please contact your local animal shelter immediately. Rabbit & Pocket Pet Adoptions is a rescue, not an animal shelter or humane society. We are not authorized to take strays.

Your local animal shelter will be able to assist with found/stray/abandoned pets, including those who are sick and injured. Please contact the animal shelter. It is the law that you notify the animal shelter immediately. If the animal is ill or injured, you are required by law to do one of the following, turn the pet immediately over to an animal shelter or pay to have a private veterinarian treat the found pet. (You will still be required to notify the animal shelter that you have the animal in your custody.)

If you have an emergency that cannot wait until the evening or weekend when most phone calls are returned, such as orphaned babies who need bottle feeding, or an urgent question that cannot wait please use this email address. Sometimes volunteers answer email faster than they can return calls due to work schedules. Please understand that volunteers at Rabbit & Pocket Pets are not able to give medical advice. We are not licensed veterinarians. Please visit our Health Issues and Vet Referrals page to find a qualified veterinarian. We are unable to take sick or injured pets, we do not have the funding. Money funding the rescue comes from volunteer pockets, not from donations.

Find a wild baby? It is important that you do not feed the wild baby animal and handle him or her as little as possible until you can get in contact with a rehabber. 

We do not take wildlife, ever, no exceptions. We are not licensed or qualified to help non-domestic animals. Non-domestic animals include wild rats, wild mice, squirrels, babies of any un-identified species, etc... Please use the links in this section to find a rehabber nearest your location, or call your local animal shelter, zoo or wildlife center.

If you have found a wild animal, including wild orphaned rabbits, mice or rats, please find a wildlife rehabilitator in your area or contact your local animal shelter. If you call a rehabilitator and get a machine, please, do not hang up! Most rescues and rehabilitators have machines that answer their calls while the volunteers are caring for sick, injured and orphaned wildlife. Volunteers are unable to help you if you don't tell them you need help, leave your name, phone number, and type of animal you need help with. Be sure to leave your city, state so the volunteer knows how far away you are located.

Looking to adopt? Please fill out an adoption application to speak to an adoption's counselor.  Please be patient, it can take up to 48 hours for a volunteer to contact you.

Would you like to foster a pet? Please visit our foster information page, then follow the link to the foster application.

Have a general question? Looking fort general information? Email for general information.

Do you have Yahoo messenger? We can talk live time if we are signed in!

Do you have AOL Instant Messenger? We can talk live time if we are on.

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E-mails and instant messages are the fastest way to communicate with a volunteer. You may call 818-600-1967, our Google Voice number to be connected to a volunteer if one is available. Most of these phone calls are answered by voice mail, not a live person. If you call, please leave a message, do not simply hang up on the machine.

Please be sure to state your phone number and name first, before you give us the reason for calling in case the machine cuts you off. It's agonizing for volunteers to listen to a desperate message with no way of returning the call.  

Adoptions by pre-arranged appointment or on scheduled adoption days only, there is no actual "shelter" to visit, as the pets are in private and foster homes. We do not have "regular business hours" as the volunteers work full time. We prefer emails over phone calls, if you have reached this web site, please email if you have any questions.

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