So, your son or daughter wants a rabbit?

Congratulations, you are about to bring in a new family member! You don't really want a rabbit, but your child keeps begging so you are going to bring in a rabbit just to make them be quiet. Or perhaps your entire family, adults included, want a rabbit, which is the best possible scenario.

What does a rabbit in the household really mean to you as the parent? Read on...









If you, as the parent or guardian, can't make a 10+ year commitment and don't personally want a rabbit that you will be the sole provider of, please, don't get a rabbit. It's not easy to re-home that rabbit once it's been at your house for year or more, being ignored and neglected by your kids who got bored or busy with homework or soccer. Older rabbits who have become un-socialized die in shelters daily because there are not enough homes for them. Even sweet, older rabbits can have a hard time finding a new home! Rabbits are a life time commitment for the adults in the family.

If you aren't prepared for a rabbit of your own, not just for the kids, be fair to the rabbit and let a family with dedicated adults adopt him or her instead. Your kids will be angry, but you are teaching them responsibility by NOT taking on a pet you are not equipped to provide a lifetime of care for.


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