Here are some links to caring for your hamster!

As with any pet, please do your research before you get a new pet. Hamsters are abandoned daily because people realize they are simply too much work, or the kids get bored or the landlord doesn't allow them. (Honestly! Some landlords do not allow hamsters!)

Think you want to breed your hamster? The above pictures were from one litter. There are 14 here! These are Syrian hamsters, and they each need their own cage by the time they are 6 weeks old. That's a total of 16 hamster cages. One for each parent and for each baby.

Alt.pets.hamsters FAQ Excellent articles by the CA Hamster Association on hamster care dealing with everything from aggression, to feeding them, to what to do if they are chewing the bars.
Internet Hamster Association of North America Babies! Help!  The "Male" Hamster I ust
bought had babies or what to do when they aren't both girls!
A group for people with diabetic hamsters
Is your hamster diabetic?
If you have dwarf hamsters, read this! Campbell's Russian Dwarf hamsters often have diabetes and it is very important to diagnose it and treat it correctly! Diabetes & Dwarfs
Good foods for hamsters Hazel Hamster Food by Supreme  This food used to be called Harry Hamster, it is basically the same food. This is the only pre-mixed food Rabbit & Pocket Pet Adoptions suggests for hamsters!
Hamster illness Good basic information on illnesses, not as good on food/housing. (For instance Syrian hamsters really don't fit through most of the enclosures with tubes!) Syrians are solitary. Syrians are golden hamsters, black bears, European hamsters, fancy hamsters, teddy bear hamsters, Satins, panda bears, etc. These are ALL Syrian hamsters. It's like the difference between a chocolate lab and a yellow lab or a black persian and a white persian. Just the color or the fur type is different! A great place to find hamsters needing homes! Is ASPEN safe for hamsters? The jury is out, but hamster lovers are finding that hamsters could be having a reaction to it. Please read this article.
Think Before You Breed  Breeding should only be done in a responsible manner! Not on a whim!  



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