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General care tips

Orphaned Babies For links to orphan care and feeding, try all of these links! Hand feeding orphans & Caring for wild orphans & Caring for Mom and Babies
Where to find more help? Here is a list of places to find answers to other questions you might have.
Aggression Why is my rabbit "mean"? Also read "The Biting Rabbit" and Who Wants a Mean Rabbit?
Behavior Problems San Diego House Rabbit Society's page on behavior problems and how to cope!
Binky Bunny has care information on numerous subjects as well as mail order products.
Bonding Are you looking to match two rabbits together? Are two rabbits right for you? BEFORE you bring the second rabbit home, check out these other articles also. Should I get a second rabbit? and Bunny Bonding
Bunny-Rabbit-Mail Bunny rabbit mail is a world wide group about sharing information about house rabbit related issues only. Discussion of breeding, meat rabbit-industry, hunting etc are NOT ALLOWED. Pet rabbit stories, rabbit health, housing, feeding and behavior questions are very welcome.
If you like to know more about rabbits, and like to get in touch with other bunny slaves you're very welcome at Bunny-Rabbit-Mail
Making your own cage Here are two ideas for building your own cage. cavy-cages.com , x-pens, more information
Cages/housing Frequently asked questions about the proper housing for your rabbit inside the house. Rabbits do better in the house than outside. More on Housing and also A Sense of Space and Place
To catch a stray A rabbit is in your backyard or running around the school? Here are some great suggestions for catching him/her!
Clicker Bunny Getting Started, Clicking with Your Rabbit--Clicker train your rabbit using this great instructional book.  Clicker training is a great way for people to bond with their bunnies and improve their bunny’s quality of life. It is also can be used to help improve rabbit behavior and to help shy bunnies.
Common Rabbit Myths Dispelled Check out this article I wrote to find out some of the common myths out there about rabbit ownership and what the truth is!
De-clawing Can your de-claw your rabbit? Technically, yes, some vets will do it. Should you? Absolutely not! Read this article that was written in response to my asking for valid reasons to give to someone who asked me about de-clawing her rabbit.
Diet Information Excellent information about diet from Dana Krempels, Ph.D.
Diet FAQ Frequently asked questions about what to feed your rabbit put out by HRS. See also Rabbit Treat Foods: Facts and Fallacies. Hay is an important part of an herbivore's diet.
Dr Susan Brown's Diet Good information on the questions you have on how to properly feed your rabbit. Do you know it isn't always pellets, and it should NEVER be the pellets with the "extra stuff in it"?
General Tips PetsHub.com has good information about rabbits and many other animals. There is also an "online community" so you can chat with others if you like.
Grooming Your rabbit needs to be groomed. This set of Frequently asked questions put out by HRS gives very basic answers to questions such as shedding, dealing with mats, clipping nails, etc.
Heat Stroke How to help prevent heat stroke in your rabbit if you have a bunny who lives outdoors or don't have an air conditioner. (far better to have your rabbit inside a climate controlled house, but I realize that not everyone has air conditioning)
How to pick up your rabbit Here is an article by Holly O'Meara on how to properly pick up your rabbit. (No, Virginia, it's NOT by the ears!)
Indoors or outdoors? Where should your rabbit live? The link on the left is to the HRS. Indoors is best in our opinion because the rabbits get so much more interaction, and attention! Rabbits indoors are safer too!
The Language of Lagomorphs Why is my bunny doing "X"? What does it mean when she wiggles her nose or nudges my hand??? Here are many of the answers! What is a binky?
Litter Training How to litter train your rabbit! Very important step to living with a house rabbit.
Living With A House Rabbit What is it like living with a house rabbit? Read this to find out!
Making of a House Rabbit An article on how a rabbit changes into a house rabbit....very interesting, if you are new at this, be sure to read this!
Nail Trimming Video This is a great video, put out by the New York City HRS that teaches you how to safely and sanely trim your rabbits nails!
Obese Rabbits at Risk You will need acrobat reader to view this link by Dr. Jackie Schulman. It's great information! 
Rabbit Proofing The art of making your house safe for your rabbit. This must be done before your rabbit is allowed to roam your house!!!!
Rabbit World Information on rabbits, including health and diet. 
Safe Toy Ideas Here are HRS's ideas for safe toys for your rabbit. Rabbits need toys to keep their minds and bodies busy. A bored bunny is often a depressed and boring bunny. Busy Bunny and Bunny Bytes are two great places that sell safe toys for rabbits if you decide to purchase them via mailorder.
What sex is my rabbit? How to tell if you have a boy or a girl! See also Sexing Rabbits
Spaying and Neutering your rabbit Here are some very valid reasons why you should spay or neuter your pet rabbit.

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