If you’ve ever been blessed to have a pet rabbit then you know their appetites can be quite voracious. Rabbits naturally graze throughout the day and night, foraging for food and munching away. Because rabbits have unique digestive tracts they need a constant food supply high in fiber and low in fat and protein. The best way to get your rabbits this high fiber diet is to feed them plenty of timothy hay (or another type of grass hay).

There are two main things that supplying a good quality grass hay will do for your rabbit, and they have to do with their tummy and their teeth. Feeding them plenty of of timothy hay ensures that they are getting plenty of fiber to keep their digestive tracts functioning properly.

In addition to fiber, timothy hay is a great way to maintain your rabbit’s dental health. Rabbits have a unique set of teeth that begin growing at birth and never stop. Because of this, nature has created a way of keeping their teeth a healthy length. When rabbits eat a fibrous grass, it naturally files down their teeth and prevents them from growing to an unhealthy length.

Pet owners continue to feed their rabbits timothy hay for another simple reason: they love it! If you feed you’re animal high quality hay they will nuzzle in and start munching away, keeping them healthy and happy in the process. 

Hay can be bought from a variety of sources, including feed stores, traditional pet stores, and online/direct companies such as the timothy hay from Small Pet Select.  Everyone has their own preferences, but the main thing for pet rabbit owners to know is that feeding hay on a daily basis is absolutely essential.  If you do decide to order from Small Pet Select, make sure you use coupon code ‘RabbitAdoption’.  This will give you free shipping, plus 10% of each sale goes back to support the rescue.



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