Adoption centers in the USA with rabbits needing homes 

When contacting a rescue, remember, they have usually un-paid volunteers who are helping! These volunteers do their best to get back to you in a timely manner. Be patient, please. If you don't hear back from someone within 2-3 days, try back, your email or phone call might not have gone through properly! Be sure to leave a phone number repeated twice if you call, one of the biggest reasons that phone calls are not returned from our rescue is the number was not clear!

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House Rabbit Society House Rabbit Society! Rabbits for adoption all over the United States, plus info on health, diet, litter training, vet referrals, how to place your rabbit and more! This is the first and best place to search for information on caring for your rabbit.


The second best link to search for adoptable rabbits and other animals needing homes. Petfinder has many shelters who don't have their own website, as well as shelters like mine who use it as a extra networking source. Petfinder is helping so many shelters and adopters find each other! If you don't see a local rescue listed on this links page, be sure to check Petfinder. Search the "classifieds" section also for rabbits listed in your area, as private parties with rabbits needing homes often list here. I am showing rabbits from CA on this Petfinder Featured Pet module. There will be a different rabbit shown each time you visit this page.

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Shelter Listing This page is a link to all the animal shelters in California. Many of these shelters have rabbits and small pets like guinea pigs, hamsters, mice and rats. Please help these pets, many of them have limited time before they will be euthanized.
Rabbits for adoption/wanted A message board to place your rabbit for adoption, or to search for a house rabbit. Most people posting are private parties but there are some rescues also posting. This is a world-wide website. No breeder ads please.
Southland HRS House Rabbit Society rabbits, volunteer opportunities, local vet referrals, right here in Los Angeles and Orange County, CA!
Abandoned Pet Rescue Located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, they often have rabbits seeking new homes!
Alabama Rabbit Rescue Central Alabama House Rabbit Society
Alameda's Rabbit Row Rabbits in Alameda, Ca who are in need of new homes..These rabbits are in the shelter down there! Can you help?
Ames Animal Shelter Ames, Iowa animal shelter used to have rabbits available for adoption, please contact them for details.
Animal Rescue League Of Iowa, INC Located in Des Moines, Iowa, this is a group that helps rabbits and other animals, including dogs, cats, hamsters, guinea pigs, rats, ferrets, etc. All rabbits are spayed before leaving!
ARBA American Rabbit Breeder's Society. Some breeders have rabbits they have rescued, or know of people who are unable to keep their rabbits. These rabbits are in need of good homes.
Barlee's Angel's Rescue Network This Ontario, Canada based rescue is non-profit. They primarily foster dogs and cats, but do have rabbits and small animals for adoption.
Basically Bunnies  A nonprofit rabbit and rodent rescue and refuge located in Reno, NV.
The Best Little Rabbit, Rodent & Ferret House Based in Seattle, WA, they do adoptions in that area. They also have care tips, links to vet clinics and an online store. 
The Bunny Bunch Non-profit organization with chapters in the Inland Empire, Los Angeles and Orange County, Ca providing no-kill rescues and medical, adoption, and educational bunny information. They have rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, & chinchillas for adoption. Hotline number is (909) 591-7200 For rabbit supplies, check out The Bunny Bunch Boutique
Bunny Buddies A group in Houston, Tx dedicated to the health and welfare of Houston rabbits and education for the people who love them.
BunnyLu Adoptions Based in Northern VA, they have rabbits for adoption to indoor only homes!
Bunny Magic

Rabbit Rescue & Wildlife Rehabilitation of Southern Maryland. They help rescued and abandoned rabbits find new forever homes. They also provide education to rabbit owners. 

B.U.N.S Buns urgently Needing Shelter. Rabbits in Santa Barbara, Ca needing new homes. This is where I got my first House Rabbit, Nudge! Trust me when I say it was worth the drive!
Blusky Rescue Rabbit and small animal rescue located in the Las Vegas, Nevada Area. They also have cats and dogs available.
Brambley Hedge Rabbit Rescue No-kill shelter in Phoenix, AZ caring for abused, abandoned, and unwanted domestic rabbits
Cats, Rabbits and More Small Animal Rescue & Adoption Information; Links to Small Animal Health & Behavior Information; Schedule of Events for Southern California; Products For And About Cats, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs & Other Small Animals
Cedar Valley Humane Society Located in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, this Humane Society has rabbits.
Citizens for Animal Protection "Cap" is located in Houstin, Texas and often has rabbits, plus other small animals for adoption
Evergreen Rabbit Rescue Sanctuary for abused and abandoned rabbits in Washington. They can put you in contact with local shelter rabbits needing homes.
Friends of Rabbits Alexandria, VA based rabbit adoption and education center (2/11/01-this site was not currently working)
Great Lakes Rabbit Sanctuary A nonprofit sanctuary based in Willis, MI for abused, abandoned, and neglected domestic rabbits of all kinds.
The Hop Line The Hop Line: where to contact for rabbit adoptions in Massachusetts and Connecticut.
House Rabbit Network Operates in the Woburn, MA area. They specialize in Rabbit Education and Adoption in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Connecticut.
House Rabbit Resource Network A rabbit rescue based in Austin, TX.
Independent Rabbit Rescues Here is a link to many different rabbit rescues with bunnies needing homes! This link is on the House Rabbit Society Web Site and covers the entire United States.
List of Ca Shelters This is a listing of animal shelters in Southern Ca. These shelters often have rabbits and many are kill shelters. Visit the shelters often if you are looking for a rabbit, these rabbits are running out of time in the kill shelters on an hour by hour basis! Try Animal Match Rescue Team for lists of animals in shelters, including pictures.
Michigan Rabbit Rescue Michigan based not-for-profit organization that finds loving homes for unwanted house rabbits. Each year, many of these wonderful pets turn up in animal shelters or on the street. Through their foster network, they place these bunnies in good homes in Michigan and out-state.
Midwest Rabbit Rescue & Rehome They are located in Plymouth, Michigan. They focus on placing rabbits into indoor homes. They are always looking for new volunteers.
Nike Animal Rescue Foundation San Jose, CA
Phone: (408) 224-6273 Theresa Temme
North Texas Rabbit Sanctuary (NTRS) Located in Dallas-Fortworth area, they have information about rabbit education classes. They have rabbits seeking homes as well.
Oregon Humane Society Rabbit Advocates Rabbits in Oregon needing homes! This group holds outreach programs you can attend to help make sure a rabbit is right for your household before you adopt.
Petsave Foundation PetSave Foundation
14009 Crenshaw Blvd Unit C
Hawthorne Ca 90250
310 349-0310

Southern California A comprehensive site for all types of animals in shelters and rescues, including rabbits and other small animals!
Rabbits in the House Listing of Virginia, Washington D.C., and Maryland area shelters and rescues who often have rabbits!
The Rabbit Habit The Rabbit Habit is a non-profit local organization in the Philadelphia region made up of volunteers. They have rabbits for adoption if you are in the area and also a ton of great information for caring for your rabbit if you aren't.
Rabbit Haven, WA A nonprofit organization located in Gig Harbor, WA, dedicated to rescuing abandoned and mistreated rabbits, finding them permanent, loving adoptive homes, and educating the public on the care of these unique and wonderful beings.
Rabbit Haven, CA 831-600-7479 and 831-239-7119 Rabbit Haven, a non-profit organization, was formed to provide emergency shelter, medical care, foster care, and adoption services. They rescue injured and abandoned rabbits and accept surrendered rabbits from the general public or the SPCA. They serve Santa Cruz, Santa Clara, San Benito and Monterey Counties in CA.
RabbitMatch Rabbit Match is a group that is working with the rabbits in the South Los Angeles Animal Shelter.
Rabbit Rescue Non-profit charitable organization dedicated to the welfare of rabbits, based in Utah. 
Rabbit Rescue of Louisiana Email is  We rescue rabbits, small pets, barnyard animals, and fish.  We also provide referrals to wildlife rehabbers.
Rabbit Rescue Non-profit rabbit rescue in Downey, CA with links to the Mission Viego shelter and a few other rescue sites in Ca. They save rabbits from local shelters - spay/neuter, litterbox train, socialize, and place them in indoor homes only. They also do public education and have a boutique with people and rabbit items 100% of all profits are donated to the rabbits. 562-862-8844
Red Deer SPCA Located in Red Deer, AB. To find the adoptable rabbits, click on the "others" link.
Red Door Shelter A no-kill animal shelter serving the Chicago area (including suburbs) and we are the largest rabbit shelter in the Chicago metro area. Rabbit bondings are a specialty. A site of many listing of places to adopt rabbits in Ca. This site includes adoption groups for other animals such as dogs, cats, guinea pigs, horses, ferrets and farm animals too!
Roxanne's Rabbit Rescue Rescue located in Sarasota, FL, could not find website information. Rescue could have closed down.

4515 Enerald Ridge Place, Sarasota, FL 34233-1715

(941) 922-0384


Second Chance For Rabbits Second Chance For Rabbits in Norwalk, CA is a non-profit all volunteer group that rescues and places abandoned rabbits in loving and qualified homes. They also offer advice on neutering and spaying and care of rabbits. 
Special Bunny Adoptions This is the link to Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Utah. They have bunnies are well as other pets for adoption.
Sweet Binks Rabbits Rescue Based in Rhode Island, they have rabbits available for adoption!
Tennessee Rabbit Rescue Contact No website, just a phone number, Kimberly Simmons 865-992-3644 For: Knox, Anderson, Blount, Grainger, Jefferson, Loudon, Roane, Sevier and Union Counties in Tennessee
Wildlife Care Center

Located in South Florida, they often have domestic rabbits!

Zen Rabbit and Hedgehog Rescue of Oregon Rabbits and hedgehogs for adoption in Oregon. Also has vet references for local clinics that see rabbits and hedgies.
Zooh Corner Rabbit Rescue Based in Pomona, CA.  Works with San Gabriel Valley Humane and other local shelters. Rabbits are spayed/neutered, litterbox trained & socialized. Online store sells healthy toys/hays, including the Original Bunny Bag to help support rescue efforts. Be sure to check out this site for info on rabbit care and health-related issues.

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Adoption centers outside the USA with rabbits needing homes

Rabbit Rescues & Rehoming in UK List of rescues and rehoming centers in the UK.
Bill's Rabbit Rescue Centre  Bill's Rabbit Rescue Centre is located in the town of Leek in Staffordshire, England. 3/2011 update, website out of order, rescue could be closed.

18 West View Close, Leek, Staffs, ST13 8ES
Tel: 01538 381117

Bunny Hugger Located in the UK
Cat and Rabbit Rescue Located in the UK, they have cats and rabbits for adoption.
CLAW Community Led Animal Welfare. Adoptions in South Africa. Located in Johannesburg area, they have rabbits and dogs available for adoption. No website, email or call 011 7820535
Cotton Tails Rescue Located in the UK, they rescue unwanted rabbits and guinea pigs.
Give Us A Home! A UK based adoption website that often has rabbits as well as many other animals in need of re-homing.
O.R.E.O Ontario Rabbit Education Organization! They list rabbits in Ontario, Canada needing homes, plus care information. Please note, they do not rescue rabbits!
Rabbit Rehome At Rabbit Rehome UK rescue centres and individuals can enter details of rabbits in need of new homes and rabbit lovers can search for the rabbit that suits them best. We are not organizing 'adoptions online' you will need to contact the rescue centre to find out about their homing policy. This site is not intended for breeders to advertise deliberately breed litters or for breeders to find 'stock'. The rabbits here are looking for loving homes as pets.
Rabbit Rescue Incorporated Rabbit Rescue Inc. is a registered charity dedicated to finding new homes for domestic rabbits, and other small animals that are abandoned/abused or neglected.  They rescue an average of 400 buns per yr, but numbers are increasing. They are located in Ontario (Canada) Visit them at also!
Rabbit Welfare Association Incorporating the former British Houserabbit Association. The Rabbit Welfare Association aims to improve the quality of life of all domestic rabbits kept as pets in the UK. Everyone who loves rabbits is invited to join, whether their bunnies live indoors or out.
House Rabbit Society of Singapore Rabbits available for adoption in Singapore.
Save A Pet UK Advice on how to save animals of all types.
UK Animal Rescuers A page full of information on where to find rescued rabbits and other animals in the UK. 
Warren Lodge Rescue UK based rabbit re-homing service, based in Essex.

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How to place your rabbit on your own

To catch a stray A rabbit is in your backyard or running around the school? Here are some great suggestions for catching him/her! See also "How to rescue a rabbit"
Placing your rabbit Here are some suggestions on placing your rabbit for adoption. 
Rabbits for adoption/wanted A message board to place your rabbit for adoption, rabbit websites or to search for a rabbit.
The Briar Patch Story Rabbits should never be left to "fend for themselves"! This should not an option when looking to place your rabbit(s). Even places "with lots of other rabbits" are not good options.

Please follow the link and read the poem called "I can't remember my name" to see why. Have tissues, you will cry your eyes out.

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Misc Information And  Links Pages...

Amy's Rabbit Rant An online newsletter. While it is no longer being updated, there is still good information in the archives!
Astrex Rabbits

Wow, what a site! These are some of the most interesting rabbits around! Kudos to the breeder for not allowing this wonderful breed to become extinct! The links to other rabbit sites is excellent also, if you are looking for information about rare, exotic or even extinct rabbits, look here!

The Bunny Museum Pasadena CA - Over 10,000 bunny collectibles. By appointment only; call (626) 798-8848 for more information.
Bunny Slave 100% purity test How do you rate as a great bunny slave? Take this fun quiz to find out!
The Briar Patch Great link with lots of good bunny karma! Plus, they have many great links.
The British House Rabbit Association UK link with other links and information just for those in the UK. Rabbits are the 3rd most popular pets in Britain!
Donate to Animal Charity This link is more than "just rabbits", it is for many different species of animals. You can choose where your money goes.

Thank you for the heads up to this link from a group of young website viewers and their adult mentor.

EtherBun: A ListServer Electronic mailing list with all types of information on how to care for your rabbit in the "manner he or she should become accustomed to".
Hares, Rabbits, Pikas Information about various types of rabbits, mostly wild species, from all over the world...There are more than just cotton tails and jack rabbits out there. 
House Rabbit Society of Australia, Inc For our friends "down under", here is a rabbit group for you. Be warned, the pictures on this site are VERY graphic because they deal with rabbit diseases. 
HRS Page of Rabbit Links House Rabbit Society's link page. Careful, once you start looking, you could become too involved to even stop to eat!
Petbunny List Another mailing list that has over 600 subscribers in many countries! Many online articles to read covering many subjects on rabbit care.
Poems to help Poems to help when you are grieving a rabbit who has passed over rainbow bridge. Links to many different rabbit websites, including this one. Check it out!
Rabbits@bellaonline Rabbits@BellaOnline is updated weekly with articles, links and discussions on all aspects of keeping rabbits as indoor companions. They welcome your input!
Rabbit Command Center Pictures of wild rabbits living in Southern Ca, plus information about them!
Save A Pet UK Advice on how to save animals of all types.
Valley Pet News An online "newsletter" for those of us in the San Fernando Valley, Ca, but it has a lot of great articles that might be of interest to others. Check it out!
Wild Rabbit Answer When should you help a wild rabbit? How do you humanely discourage or encourage wild rabbits in your yard? What do you do if you find an injured rabbit? Answers to these and other questions can be found at this site!

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Disaster Resources

Noah's Wish Noah's Wish is a unique organization dedicated exclusively to rescuing and sheltering animals during disasters. They direct all of their resources, (financial, material and manpower), towards ending the needless suffering and death of animals during natural and human caused disasters. Headquartered in northern California, the organization currently assesses and responds to disasters throughout the United States and Canada.

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Personal Home Pages, e-mail us to add yours to the list!

The Bunny Room Lots of awards for this page!
Erin's Ultimate Rabbit Site Good site with many links!
Kribble's Website Done all by himself!
Charlie and Tiara's Home Page Great home page with links to other good places.
Monkey & Marmalade Very cute UK website showing off two super cute lops!

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