Why do I have to read that long article? I just want to drop my pet off with you!

We do not have space for your unwanted pet or the pet you have found. This rescue has relocated and is no longer accepting unwanted pets. We will accept pets who were adopted from us, as we have made arrangements with a few foster homes to help with this. No new unwanted pets will be taken in, stray, orphaned or unwanted.

At this time, due to circumstances we can not control, we are no longer taking in new pets. When our rescue has does have space again, pets on death row in the animal impound center are given first priority. These pets are days away from dying. We will give priority to these pets first, then we accept pets from people who have asked us to list pets for them. It is very rare for us to take a pet directly from an owner. The animal impound centers are full of unwanted pets who are going to die.

Being a rescue does not make us automatically responsible for your unwanted pet. While we feel sorry for your pet, we also know that we have pets we are already responsible for. Taking on too many pets means we will not be able to properly care for all of them. We are happy to help by giving advice on how to keep your pet, or how to place your pet on your own. However, we do not have the room to take in your unwanted pet. We are sorry if you are having to find a pet at the last minute but we are asked to make space weekly in this situations, there is no space.

The article is designed to help you place your pet on your own. If you simply do not wish to spend any time reading or trying to find the pet a home, or are out of time to try, please take the pet to your local animal impound center. It's not the best option because there is a serious risk the pet will be euthanzied (killed), but it is far better than turning the pet loose to fend for him or herself, or simply leaving the pet behind when you vacate the property.

You are welcome to fill out our re-homing questionnaire after reading the article, and we will be happy to give you more tips on how to place your pet on your own. There are also a few places that we have listed where you can list your rabbit on your own. Please be sure to list your rabbits, even if you must re-home them right away or have to take your rabbit to a impound center. The more people you tell, the faster you can find them homes.

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