Foster homes needed!

What is a foster home?

It's a home where you open your house to one or more small animals in need of a temporary home. This pet will stay with you until either a permanent home is found, or other arrangements are made for this pet to be fostered. While the pet is at your house, you are fully responsible for their care. You groom them, feed them, clean up after them, take them to the vet as needed and bring them to any adoption events or meetings as requested. (We try to keep your driving fosters to no more than once per month. Where the pet is ill, this can be more often because of vet visits.)

Please note: Pets will need to live indoors, not outdoors, please keep this in mind when offering to foster. Also, we do not match up foster pets as "friends for your pets". We have found it is simply not fair to either pet when the foster pet is adopted. Pets do grieve when their friends are taken from them. If you are looking for a friend for your pet, please consider adoption which is a permanent friend for your pet.

How long does a pet stay in a foster home?

This depends on the pet. Some pets stay for around a month, some stay for 6 months, some can stay for over a year. It's important that you are honest in thinking of how long you can foster a pet because we don't feel it's fair to switch them from foster home to foster home. The least amount of time that you must commit to fostering is 30 days, but some foster situations might only last for two weeks until a new foster home can be found.

We'll be as honest as we can about how long we feel a pet will be needing to stay with you for fostering. For instance, we know that shy rabbits, rabbits over 6 pounds, or white rabbits tend to stay up to a year or more, while friendly, smaller rabbits often get homes as quickly as they are spayed or neutered. However, even being able to keep the pet for 30 days for quarantine, is important, so if you can only do short term fostering, we still might be able to use you! Rats, hamsters, and guinea pigs vary in the amount of time they stay, but again the quarantine period is very important!

Who pays for the costs of feeding the pets while in the foster home? Who provides the cages?

We will provide food, and an allowance for veggies if eaten by the pet you are fostering. While in your home, we ask that you feed the diet we suggest to prevent illness, or obesity. You may pick up the food from us, or you are welcome to send us receipts once a month for reimbursement.

We will provide any needed cages if you do not already have a suitable cage. All pets must be housed indoors. We will also provide toys, cage accessories, and treats. If you choose to purchase "extras" with your own money, talk to us first, we might know of a less expensive place to purchase these items, or might even already have those items available. We do our best to be sure that the pets have a behaviorally enriched environment.

Vet bills, who covers them?

We will cover the vet bills with a few exceptions. For instance, if the pet is hurt at your house due to your negligence or an accident that you could have been prevented, you will be responsible for the bills. If you bring in a pet who is ill that causes the foster pet to become ill, you will be responsible for the medical bills.

We usually require you to bring the pet to the vet of our choice as we do have a few vets we are more comfortable with. If the pet becomes ill or injured, you must contact us immediately so we can instruct you on where to take the pet. If at all possible, we will contact the clinic to make arrangements to pay the bills directly so that you do not have out of pocket costs. We have the final say regarding all medical decisions. We will work with the vet to determine what course of action should be followed, including euthanasia if the vet and we feel it's the most humane option.

My landlord doesn't allow pets or my roommates don't want a pet, may I still foster?

We are sorry, but if you are not allowed to have pets, we must refuse to allow you to foster. You must be allowed to have pets, we will not set a pet up in a foster situation where you are not allowed to have pets. This helps prevent situations where fosters must find a new foster home because the landlord "caught you" and gave you a 3 day notice.

Can I adopt the pet if I fall in love?

If you fall in love with the pet, and request to adopt them, we will give you the option to adopt first. You will pay the adoption fee and if you keep any cages or equipment provided during the foster period, you will be asked to pay for those as we will need to replace them for the next foster home.

Are there any rules?

Yes. You must be over 18 to sign the contract. If you are under 18, but over 16, your parents may co-sign as the responsible parties. They will be expected to be sure that the rules are followed. Your parents must be willing to be responsible for the pets.

  1. You may not bring unwanted pets into your home on your own and expect the rescue to "take them in as fosters". If you ask about bringing in a foster on your own and we say we are unable to help fund this pet at this time, we mean exactly that. We do not take on more pets than the rescue can afford, it's not fair to any of them. If you do bring in a pet on your own, we will help screen for prospective owners, list the pet on the website, etc, but we will not be able to be responsible for any expenses connected with these pets.

        A) We do ask that you refrain from bringing non-quarantined pets of your own into your house while you are fostering one of the same species for us. We will try to work with you to find other placement for your foster pets while you quarantine your new pet. If you fail to abide by this, and one of the foster pets becomes ill, we will have to ask you to be responsible for the medical expenses. We do not like having to make this a rule, but diseases are so easily passed, even when new pets arrive looking healthy. Improper quarantine kills pets or can make them seriously ill. It also can generate huge vet bills. It's important we all follow proper quarantine procedures for the health of all pets concerned.


  2. We have final say in each and every adoption. You are encouraged to make recommendations, but in the end, the decision will be the ours. We try to be fair and will explain why we refuse an adoption to someone you know. Anyone you recommend must still fill out the application, the contract and pay the adoption fee if they are approved. Please don't promise friends and neighbors "free" pets unless you intend to pay the adoption fee if they are approved. (In most cases, these people will not even be approved!)

There are other rules that will be discussed when your application is reviewed. If you would like to foster, please fill out the foster application. Please be sure to explain your reasons for wanting to foster a pet, the type of pet you want to foster, etc..

Fostering is like having a pet in all respects except that the pet leaves to another home. By fostering, you are giving a pet a place of sanctuary. Sadly without a foster home, the pet you foster might have died in an animal shelter instead.



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