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Please note: We do not have space for your pet, this form is so we can list your pet on our courtesy listing page. Privacy Policy

If you are looking to re-home your rabbit or small pet and are local to Southern CA, please fill out this questionnaire. Filling out this form entirely will help us to better assist you in placing your pet by helping you network with people who call looking for a pet like yours. We can also help network with other rescues local to us. It takes time to find a new home for a pet and we can not estimate how long it will take for a new home to be found.

Having a good quality picture plus knowing the correct sex of your pet are important steps in the placement process. We can help sex pets and take pictures for you at no charge if you will make an appointment and bring the pet to us.

It is your responsibility to get/keep your pet healthy, altered or to work on socializing your pet before placement. An unaltered rabbit or any kind of pet who is ill or not socialized will not find a home quickly or easily no matter how much networking is done.

We will not list pets who are ill and have not seen a vet! If your pet has an ongoing health problem, he or she must be under a vet's care before we will list your pet. Thank you for understanding it would not be fair to your pet to "wait" for a new home to get vet care.

What is your full name?

What city, state do you live in?

Do you understand you must get your pet to us for fostering if you are not local to Irvine, CA? YesNo You are responsible any and all costs associated with getting your pet to us.

Email address where you can be contacted by people looking to adopt your pet.

Please give a phone number including area code where you can be contacted evenings and weekends. Please do not give a pager number or a voice mail only number, volunteers return many phone calls daily and we want to prevent playing phone tag.          Please enter only numbers, no dashes or spaces. For example, 8186001967

May we give this phone number to potential adopters? Yes, give my name and phone number to adopters No, only give them my email address.

What type of pet are you trying to place?

How many pets are you trying to place?

Why must you find your pet a home? Please be specific.

Is there anything we can do to help you keep your pet?

For each pet you need to place, please state their name, type of pet, age, color, size (for rabbits, please give aprox weight), sex and breed. Pictures would be very helpful if you have them, these can be sent by separate email. (On rabbits if breed is not known, please tell us if the ears are up or down) Please note if they are spayed or neutered. For example:

Jay- hamster, 3 months, male, not neutered, black and white, small, dwarf.
Lilo- rabbit, 19 months, female, spayed, brown, 5 pounds, lop.
Jasmine-rabbit, adult, exact age unknown, female, spayed, white, 8 pounds, breed not known, up ears


Please give a detailed description of the personality of each pet you need to place.

If you have males and females, are they currently living together? If they are not together now, when was the last time they were together? Are they fixed?

Please tell us if each pet is kept indoors or outdoors or both.

Is your pet used to other pets? If yes, please let us know which kinds.

Is your pet litter trained?

Where did you get your pet? If it was a pet store, please tell us which one.

When did you get your pet? Please be as specific as possible.

When must you place your pet by?

Has your pet ever bitten anyone? Yes No If yes, please explain.

Does this pet have any type of health problems? If yes, please explain what type, and what type of vet treatment was performed.

Are you able to foster (keep your pet at your house) your pet until a new home can be found or a foster home opens up? Yes No

How long are you willing/able to foster your pet?
There are no guarantees that we will be able to take your pet into one of our volunteer foster homes. Your best bet of helping your pet find a new home is by fostering your pet on your own. Shelter pets are given top priority for the rescue's foster homes.

If your rabbit is not spayed or neutered, are you willing to have this done, or to pay for Rabbit and Pocket Pet Adoptions to have it done, before the rabbit comes into an official foster home or into a new home if the rabbit is placed through Rabbit and Pocket Pet Adoptions? Yes No  N/A my pet is not a rabbit

If your pet does enter one of our volunteer foster homes, you are asked to surrender not only the pet, but any cages and supplies you have for your pet. The rescue will NOT compensate/pay you for these. The rescue does not have 501c3 non profit status so giving us these items will not be tax deductible. However, it will help us to care for your pet. Do you understand this and agree to this? YesNo

Is there anything else you can tell me about your pet that can help us to help you find a home? Do you need a volunteer to help identify breeds, take pictures or determine the sex of your pet? (This is a free service but you will need to bring the pet to a volunteer!)

After you have filled out this form, please hit submit below. If the submit button does not work, please contact us via e-mail or by calling us at 818-600-1967.